A Week In Finland






What to bring with you?

What should I bring under any circumstances?

  • Passport or some other ID.
  • Credit card and/or euros. Please remember that American Express and Diners Club won't work at the hotel.
  • Toothbrush, soap… We sincerely appreciate this, so does your roommates.
  • Bathing suit for the pool.
  • Clothes, normal ones. It's Finnish spring so it can be anything between -10 to +10 C. Please check the weather forecast before leaving your home country.
  • Costume for the Saturday gala: Design Lounge
  • Pictures, larp magazines, flyers and others stuff to show and tell others about your local larp scene.

What should I bring, if I participate in A Week in Finland as well

  • Towels, sleeping bags and other sleeping gear - Talk to your host about it.
  • If you wish for, some little souvinier from your homeland to your host.

What should I leave at home?

  • Your coolest and weirdest larp costumes (including weapons). Usually nobody participates on a conference in elf ears or chain mail. PLEASE NOTE that this doesn't apply if your coolest and weirdest larp costume suits for the saturday night Design Lounge party. :)
  • Huge amounts of food and/or alcohol. Se serve you food each day, you won't be starving. And there's a hotel bar.
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