A Week In Finland







We simply couldn't do this alone. So we're thanking the following persons, associations and companies:

  • Bifrost for funds on buses.
  • Tietovelhot for lending us their laptops.
  • Theater Teatteri Naamio & Höyhen for our Community House / daily hanging place.
  • Helsinki University roleplaying association Alter Ego for gaming places and Sauna used during AWiF.
  • Aalto University roleplaying association ORC for sleeping halls during AWiF
  • Juhana Pettersson for editing, and Pohjoismaisen roolipelaamisen seura for publishing Solmubook 2012: States of Play, Nordic Larp Around the World.
  • David Thorhauge, for helping with the pre-event info.
  • Maria Pettersson for mentoring concept.
  • Mika Loponen, Jukka Särkijärvi, David Thorhauge & Johanna Virtanen for English proofreading.
  • Joakim Björkgren, Aino Lohtander & Linn Wilhelmson for Swedish proofreading and/or translation.
  • Kalle Kivimaa, Mikko Pervilä, Ville Takanen / Ropecon IT-support.
  • Jaakko Stenros & Markus Montola for organizing Role-Playing in Games seminar just before Solmukohta.
  • Ropecon for trusting our skills to organize this.
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