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(This information is needed for the hotel. We will also use this information for allocating rooms for people who request to share a room with same gender.)



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Arrival and Departure

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We have free buses (sponsored by Bifrost) leaving from Helsinki city center to hotel Kiljavanranta on Thursday at 2 pm, and from the hotel to the airport or city center on Sunday. The buses leave around 3 pm from the hotel. . I wanna reserve a seat on:

Bus to the hotel, Thursday at 2pm from Helsinki city center.
Bus to the Airport, Sunday from the hotel (arrival at the airport latest at 4 pm)
Bus to the Helsinki city center, Sunday from the hotel.
((You'll have a chance to change these afterwards, but we need some kind of idea how many of you will need the buses. Ferry-Swedes: One of the buses going to the city center will continue to your ferry terminal!)


I would like to share a room with:

Please pick more than one option, if possible. Most of the rooms are for three persons

I would NOT like to share a room with:

I want to stay with my countrymen.

I want a quiet room.

I want a single sex room.

I need a place to stay over night after Solmukohta.

I want a single person room.
We have a couple of rooms for only one persons, for those who don't want to share their room with anyone. How ever those rooms will cost you 75 € extra! First come, first serve works with these rooms, we will contact you and tell if you got one!


I am a vegetarian/vegan or have some other special diet:

My food allergies:

A Week in Finland

I will participate in the AWiF.

I need a host.

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