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Program, Thursday 12th of April

Thu 18.00 - Sun 10.00AttentatAll aroundLarp
Thu 18.30 - 19.00Opening CeremonyGreat hallOther
Thu 19.00 - 20.00The Solmukohta Flu – The Opening ScenarioAll aroundLarp
Thu 20.00 - 21.00Nordic Larp 101AuditoriumPanel
Thu 20.00 - 22.00Franco-Swiss Sensory OverloadFateplayOther
Thu 20.00 - 21.00Fundamentals of Larp DesignGreat hallPanel
Thu 20.00 - 21.30Youth-Larp ForumTurku SchoolTalk
Thu 21.00 - 22.00Hour of the Rant - 2012 EditionAuditoriumOther
Thu 21.00 - 22.30Folk Dances Workshop #2Great hallWorkshop
Thu 22.00 - 00.00Playground Magazine - PartyTurku SchoolOther

Thu 18.00 – Su 10.00, All around, Larp
Organizer: Boris Bernhard
"Attentat" is a game about intelligence, creative planning and mean, tricky and scheming murders. This game is certainly one of the oldest larps existing. It is known by various names, "Killer" being the most famous. Every player is a killer and a victim at the same time. Once you kill your victim you then have to kill their target.

The game continues until there's only one player left. Bring your nerf gun to shoot someone. Place a box labeled with "BAAANG!" under your victim's chair. Drop water balloons as bombs. Anything goes, as long as you make sure your victim knows he or she got killed. Trust nobody, everybody might want to kill you. No collateral damage is allowed, though: focus on your target. Be a ninja and do silent kills, nobody should know your objective, right? Kill all the other players to win the game!

Visit for more info and sign up before Solmukohta.

Opening Ceremony
Thu 18.30 – Thu 19.00, Great hall, Other
Welcome to Solmukohta 2012! Short welcome speech and important practical info about the conference: what's legal in Finland and what's not and where to get more toilet paper.

The Solmukohta Flu – The Opening Scenario
Thu 19.00 – Thu 20.00, All around, Larp
Organizers: JiiTuomas Harviainen
Since the dawn of Nodal Points, it had festered. We knew it as the sneezing, coughing and strange exhaustion in the mornings. Yet we survived it. This time, however, the threat is real - and it stalks the hallways! A short horror larp for 2-300 players, written by a certain well-known Finnish designer.

Nordic Larp 101
Thu 20.00 – Thu 21.00, Auditorium, Panel
Organizer: Erik Winther Paisley
Nordic countries, many ways to larp. Elin Nilsen (NOR), Emi Maeda (FIN), Marie Holm-Andersen (DK) and Gustav Nilsson (SWE) answer to basic but differentiation questions about larping from a larpers point of view. Helping this crowd to dive in to Nordic larping is Erik Winther Paisley, the host of the interview show.

Franco-Swiss Sensory Overload
Thu 20.00 – Thu 22.00, Fateplay, Other
Organizers: Thomas B, Olivier Artaud, Josephine Verneuil
Experience a full sensory stimulation from the lands of badass cheese, chocolate and wine. Short larp videos (to cover sight and hearing) will be paired with related food and drink samples (to cover smell and taste). Touch is to be confirmed, and be warned that stimuli may not always be pleasurable...

Fundamentals of Larp Design
Thu 20.00 – Thu 21.00, Great hall, Talk
Organizer: Eirik Fatland
Eirik Fatland, pretentious old fart, thinks he has managed to summarize everything anyone needs to know about larp design in less than 10 bullet points. In addition, the arrogant fool thinks these points are universal - independent of genre, player preferences, and larp culture. Come to this beta test and prove him wrong.
Late arrival: This program is not findable from the program leaflet.

Youth-Larp Forum
Thu 20.00 – Thu 21.30, Turku School, Panel
Organizer: Sindre Titlestad Westegård
If you make, or are thinking of making, larps for children and young people, this is the place for you. Participants will share knowledge and experience, and are happy to answer any questions. This is not a lecture, but a forum where the agenda is decided by those who show up. Welcome!

Hour of the Rant - 2012 Edition
Thu 21.00 – Thu 22.00, Auditorium, Other
Organizer: Claus Raasted
Was KAPO really about fucking monkeys? Is the Swedish Barda feminist enough? And what's up with the fact that Playground Magazine is already dead and then it isn't? The hour of the rant is the place to vent your frustrations and talk trash about the issues that need talking about. International Man of Mystery and Agent Provocateur Claus Raasted hosts this series of ten five-minute-rants that promise to be both amusing, enlightening and debate-provoking.

Folk Dances Workshop #2
Thu 21.00 – Thu 22.30, Great hall, Workshop
Organizers: Dominika Kováčová, Marion Bræstrup Løsnes
Dance is for everyone, anytime. Fun and entertainment are more important than skill. Dances from Scotland and France to Russia and Israel, from fast rhythms to soft moves. Lame- and beginner-friendly. Bring comfortable clothes.

Playground Magazine - Party
Thu 22.00 – Fri 00.00, Turku School, Other
Organizers: Kasper Friis-Hansen, Matthijs Holter
Join the celebration. Playground Magazine issue #5 will be out in time for Solmukohta and what better excuse is there to throw a one hour launch party. Here you have the unique opportunity to see the freshly printed magazine, meet the new and the old team behind Playground, listen to us talk about what Playground magazine is and will become and give us your rant about what the magazine should be like.

Oh... And you can also subscribe right there and then, so bring cash (please!!!). All we want in return is that you show up, party, and drink. So support your "global" roleplaying magazine and show up.

Hugs, kisses and pretend play Playground Magazine

PS. Everyone is invited!

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