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Program, Sunday the 15th

Sun 10.00 - Sun 11.00Dronning i dag, tiggar i morgonAuditoriumOther
Sun 10.00 - Sun 10.45Trailers and documentations of Alternate Reality Games from Waldritter e.V. and basa e.V.Turku SchoolTalk
Sun 10.30 - Sun 12.30Contacting the Characters Within YouGreat hallWorkshop
Sun 11.30 - 12.30Lightning LarpsDesign LoungeOther
Sun 11.00 - Sun 12.00Reliving Sarmatia: The Revival of National Heritage in Polish Larp SceneAuditoriumTalk
Sun 13.00 - Sun 13.30Closing CeremonyGreat HallOther

Dronning i dag, tiggar i morgon
Sun 10.00 – Sun 11.00, Auditorium, Other \\ Organizers: Harald Misje, Sindre Titlestad Westegård, Anita Myhre Andersen, Anders Riple
A fantastic TV documentary about larp! Screening of the 30 minute TV documentary "Dronning i dag, tiggar i morgon"/"Queen today, beggar tomorrow" (Norwegian Public Broadcaster, NRK, 2011). The theme is: Do grownups dare to play? In two main parts, it focuses upon children's larp in Bergen and a murder mystery larp where the film team participates as an in game news-team.

The documentary is in Norwegian without subtitles.

Trailers and documentations of Alternate Reality Games from Waldritter e.V. and basa e.V.
Sun 10.00 - 10.45, Turku School, Talk
Organizers: Vivien Havemann and Dirk Springenberg
The Trailershow contains a presentation of short films, trailers and documentations about three different Alternate Reality Games of the year 2011. "Projekt Prometheus" is about a terroristic conspiracy. "Die Bewegung" - 'The Movement' is a documentation about an Alternate Reality Game for young adults. Main content of the game is the confrontation with the right-wing radicalism in form of a fictitious citizens association. The third is called "Die Fremden" - "The Others", which deals with the themes of migration and integration. Therefore a fictitious underground society was created for the participants of the game..

Late arrival: This program is not findable from the program leaflet.

Contacting the Characters Within You
Su 10.30 – Su 12.30, Great hall, Workshop
Organizers: Mike Pohjola
For over a decade we’ve talked about the positive, even healing, effects of roleplaying. We’ve theorized about when exploring different roles through play you’ll have a wider scope of possible roles in everyday social situations, as well. Now it’s time to put these thoughts into practice! This workshop flirts with the traditions of yoga, psychotherapy, meditation, improvisation, self help, drama therapy and larp.

We’ll explore the roles and characters we have inside our heads right now, and try to see if we can use those to our benefit. What positive effects can your dark elf wizard character have on your daily life? It’s time to find out!

Wear comfortable clothes you can move around in.

Lightning Larps
Sun 11.30 – Sun 12.30, Design Lounge, Other
Organizer: Johanna MacDonald
A variation of the well known lightning talk concept. This is an open stage for short introductions, buffs and teasers of larps yet to be played. Come to advertise and recruit players, or rant about your coolest idea for a game ever! The stage is free and all yours. Sign up for your five minutes of fame at the info desk.

Reliving Sarmatia: The Revival of National Heritage in Polish Larp Scene
Sun 11.00 – Sun 12.00, Auditorium, Talk
Organizer: Michal Mochicki
"Thanks to it I turned my communist friend into a patriot. And I realised who I really am", said an anonymous Dzikie Pola player in my online questionnaire. Indeed, the Polish gamer community engaged in Dzikie Pola tabletop and larp roleplays is a good example to showcase the power of roleplaying in shaping national identity.

Set in the Polish-Lithuanian (a.k.a. Sarmatian) Commonwealth (1569-1795), these games put the players in the shoes of 17th-century Sarmatian noblemen, making them embrace this part of their cultural heritage. In many cases (mine included), repeated immersion in the roles of Sarmatians has produced a lasting effect, permanently imprinted on player's real-life identities and worldviews: a phenomenon I call "sarmatisation". More about it can be found in my paper in this year's Solmukohta book.

Here, I will take you on a quick photo tour through Sarmatian larps since early 2000s till now.

Closing Ceremony
Sun 13.00 – Sun 13.30, Great hall, Other
It's time to say farewell until next year and Knutepunkt 2013, see you in Norway! Might include a rather long list of thanks.

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