A Week In Finland






Program, Saturday the 14th

Sat 10.00 - 12.00Identity Poems 1st runArs AmandiFreeform
Sat 10.00 - 11.30Poker, Polka, and Russian Roulette : Designing Marcellos KjellerAuditoriumTalk
Sat 10.00 - 12.00Identity Poems 2nd runDogma 99Larp
Sat 10.00 - 12.30Pre-larp WorkshopsGreat hallWorkshop
Sat 10.00 - 11.00NEST - An Edu-Larp Model for an Adult Mainstream AudienceTurku SchoolTalk
Sat 10.00 - 11.00Beyond the GMFateplayPanel
Sat 11.00 - 13.00Game Mechanics vs. Agency and Participation?FateplayTalk
Sat 11.00 - 12.00The Contract Between Larp-Wrights and Participants: MannersTurku SchoolConversation, Panel
Sat 11.30 - 12.30Don't Touch or I'll Sue: American Larp as National MetaphorAuditoriumTalk
Sat 12.00 - 12.30Model United Nations vs LarpTurku SchoolTalk
Sat 12.30 - 15.30Trance Mask Technique – Tasting the TranceDogma 99Workshop
Sat 12.30 - 14.00Fighting the Good FightGreat hallWorkshop
Sat 12.30 - 13.30The Aesthetics of TechnologyTurku SchoolTalk
Sat 13.00 - 16.00PreludeArs AmandiFreeform
Sat 13.00 - 14.00Writing Larps That Other People Will Re-Organize, Why and HowFateplayTalk
Sat 13.00 - 14.30Into the Mainstream - Spreading the RevolutionAuditoriumTalk
Sat 13.30 - 16.30The Artists: The SpiralTurku SchoolLarp
Sat 14.00 - 14.30Feeding of Players, Food as Part of the NarrativeFateplayTalk
Sat 14.00 - 16.00Early Dances and SuchGreat hallWorkshop
Sat 14.30 - 15.15Educational Larp in Palestine and Lithuania, Summer 2012: Fantasiforbundet Invites You to Join!AuditoriumTalk
Sat 15.00 - 16.00Phantasmagoria! Designing Supernatural TerrorFateplayTalk
Sat 15.30 - 17.00A Matter of TimeDogma 99Larp
Sat 15.30 - 16.30Ninja Ethnography - How to Gather Data During a Larp?AuditoriumTalk
Sat 16.00 - 18.00Facilitating Good Group Process - Get Your Flow OnArs AmandiTalk
Sat 16.00 - 18.00Just a Little Lovin' - Confessions and Reflections from Organizers and ParticipantsFateplayPanel
Sat 16.00 - 17.00Whack, Boff, Boom - What do Finns do with Padded Weapons?Great hallWorkshop
Sat 16.30 - 18.30Social Conflict and Bleed in Role-playing Communities version 2.0AuditoriumTalk
Sat 16.30 - 17.30Using Larp Methods in Professional TheaterTurku SchoolTalk
Sat 17.00 - 20.00Trash 2nd runDogma 99Larp
Sat 17.00 - 19.00Folk Fantasy WorkshopGreat hallWorkshop
Sat 17.30 - 19.00EscatonTurku SchoolPanel
Sat 18.00 - 20.00Costume Designing for Larp - Hands on workshopArs AmandiWorkshop
Sat 18.00 - 20.00Future Now! - Building Visions of the Future Through Collaborative TalksFateplayWorkshop
Sat 18.30 - 20.00How to Communicate About Larp to a Mainstream Audience?AuditoriumPanel
Sat 19.00 - 20.20Dig deeper into your character, while having sexGreat HallTalk Workshop
Sat 20.00 - 20.30Trance Mask Technique – Introduction to the TranceDogma 99Talk
Sat 20.00 - 20.30How to Organize Larps Like a RockstarTurku SchoolTalk
Sat 21.00 - 02.00The Design Lounge PartyAll aroundOther

Identity Poems
Sat 10.00 – Sat 12.00, Ars Amandi & Dogma99, Freeform
Organizer: Matthijs Holter
Identity poems are short, focused "games" which let you experiment with your own personality in different ways. In roleplaying games you challenge and risk your character - but in identity games you explore your own identity. The games you will encounter here vary a lot. Some are light-hearted fun; a few can get serious.

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Poker, Polka, and Russian Roulette : Designing Marcellos Kjeller
Sat 10.00 – Sat 11.30, Auditorium, Talk
Organizer: Eirik Fatland
Marcellos Kjeller is one of the weirdest larps ever. It’s a musical, set to the strange dirty-surreal universe of Norwegian band Kaizers Orchestra, designed with fates and meta-techniques aplenty. It has also been an unexpected hit with old and new larpers both. The lecture introduces the larp, tells the story of its production (as unusual as the larp itself), discusses the design techniques used in translating music into larp, and what we have learned from re-running it.

Late arrival: This program is not findable from the program leaflet.

Pre-larp Workshops
Sat 10.00 – Sat 12.30, Great hall, Workshop
Organizer: Peter Munthe-Kaas
System Danmarc, Totem, Delirum, Kapo. All games based on pre-game workshops with a large amount of player inclusion. This workshop is an introduction to the radical version of pre-larp workshops, that has been used for these larps, and why we find it meaningfull to design this way. The workshop will be a mix of lecturing, practical exercises and discussion.

NEST - An Edu-Larp Model for an Adult Mainstream Audience
Sat 10.00 – Sat 11.00, Turku School, Talk
Organizer: Sara Hjalmarsson
During 2010-2011, two studies were conducted at Edith Cowan University in Australia regarding the effectiveness of edu-larp for an adult audience. The results were encouraging. Not only do they indicate that edu-larp has educational validity, they also note that it offers the means to address problems that traditional adult education has been struggling with for decades. This research has resulted both in a set of guidelines for non-larpers wishing to research larp and an edu-larp methodology (working name NEST-larp) that will be trialed in Sweden during 2012.

This program item is based on a recently completed Honours thesis and will be supported by a paper. Please note that this seminar will be fairly academic in nature and contain a significant amount of theoretical material.

Beyond the GM
Sat 10.00 – Sat 11.00, Fateplay, Panel
Organizer: Jason Morningstar, Ivan Vaghi, Emily Care Boss
Who needs a GM? The role of the Game Master or GM has been central to table top role playing games since Dungeons & Dragons created the idea of the "Dungeon Master" in the 1970s. Over the past 10 years, this trend has changed. Many games have been written and published that throw out the idea of a GM or change it dramatically. A panel discussion of ways the games have changed to accommodate this central difference, followed by small group demonstrations of peer-empowered games. Presentation of article from State of Play.
Late arrival: This program is not findable from the program leaflet.

Game Mechanics vs. Agency and Participation?
Sat 11.00 – Sat 13.00, Fateplay, Talk
Organizer: Andie Nordgren
Over the last year, I've tried various angles of describing knowledge that is "obvious" in a larp context to people in the video games industry. It seems to boil down to a difference between wanting to describe the world in a vocabulary centered around game mechanics, and describing the world in terms of agency and participation. This is a discussion where I'd like to enlist the help of larp wrights, theorists and thinkers to explore my frustrations in trying to communicate why fictional realities like Eve Online and the future World of Darkness are more like the fictional realities we create in larp than computer games.

I will start by charting my journey in the computer games world with some anecdotes, and then open for discussion. Is there a difference between a "game" and a "fictional reality"? Is "participation" a better starting word for a vocabulary around strong online communities in fictional worlds than "game mechanics"? Where is this debate currently in academia? In other game companies? Can we find a vocabulary that would work well outside larp but bring with it all the knowledge from larp? Help!

The Contract Between Larp-Wrights and Participants: Manners
Sat 11.00 – Sat 12.00, Turku School, Conversation, Panel
Organizer: Jesper Bruun
Description: For some, Nordic larps are seen as a consumer product. The participant is the consumer and the larp-organizer is the supplier. The responsibility for communication is put primarily on the larp-organizers, and this also is ultimately true for the total larp experience. Another view is that the participants are to blame if anything goes wrong.

The (would be) participants are misinterpreting the idea of the larp-wright or the soul of the game. While both views can be valid in some games, this discussion will focus on larp experiences where larp organizers and participants need to cooperate extensively to create the game. I argue that with the advent of workshop based roleplaying experiences, the relationship between organizer and participant is one of cooperation, more than the organizers putting up a game for participants to consume.

The goal of the discussion is to outline strategies for establishing behaviour conducive for the production of more Nordic larps. These strategies might be on a small scale for a single larp, but they might also be produced on a larger scale pertaining to the development of the Nordic larp community - if such a thing can be said to exist.

Don't Touch or I'll Sue: American Larp as National Metaphor
Sat 11.30 – Sat 12.30, Auditorium, Talk
Organizer: Lizzie Stark
American larp's got lots of rules, infrequent touching, and epic hyperbole. That's because it's as American as reality TV. This talk treats a US boffer campaign as a cultural artifact, examining how cultural litigiousness shapes gameplay, how rules reveal an American vision of equality, and how leveling up recreates our most sacred national myths.

Model United Nations vs Larp
Sat 12.00 – Sat 12.30, Turku School, Talk
Organizer: Dominika Kováčová
...and how do we do it in Czech Republic. Model United Nations (MUN) is a student conference simulation of an UN meeting. What are the similarities and differences with larp as we know it? What can MUN offer to larpers? Can we bring students to larping through MUNs? I will tell you some answers and maybe more on the example of MuniMUN currently being prepared in Brno.

Trance Mask Technique – Tasting the Trance
Sat 12.30 – Sat 15.30, Dogma 99, Workshop
Organizer: Alex Fradera
Many cultures have used masks as a ritualistic tool to facilitate trance states and conjure entities from beyond. Here we explore a Western 20th Century tradition that borrows from these roots. It strips away the religious requirements, but is not without its mysteries. Masks are a way to access something powerful that is immediate and obvious to bystanders. This technique is less about "performing to" than about "being amongst", which perhaps makes it a better fit for a larp instead of attempting to tame it for the stage.

This session allows participants to taste the technique for themselves, choosing between masks and discovering connections. Beginning with a short periods, the session will eventually allow participants to explore longer periods as well in this state if they choose. Note that participants will not be spending the majority of time in the mask state, with good reason - it can be incredibly tiring, especially when new to the process.

The session will involve observation of other mask wearers as well as group warm-up and focus exercises. This technique was originally developed by Keith Johnstone and outlined in the seminal text Impro. It has been kept alive by his student Steve Jarand, and the lineage continues through a new generation of mask-workers. Leading this session, Alex Fradera has been working with masks for three years in Europe, Canada and the UK. He is a trained psychologist.

Signup at the SK INFO till the workshop is full.

Fighting the Good Fight
Sat 12.30 – Sat 14.00, Great hall, Workshop
Organizers: Johan Lundby, Emma Wieslander
An explorative workshop that starts with a simple technique for standing wrestling and seeks to develop a system for friendly hand-to-hand fighting. We're using it in Between Steel and Glass for fighting within a group, both to establish status and for in-character practice. The method, an ars martius, might also be used for resolving combat in other settings. We invite you to explore with us. The method does not require a lot of physical strength or experience of wrestling or fighting but might be physically challenging. One thing we want to find out is how to make a technique that creates the physical feeling of having been in a fight.

Loose and comfortable clothing is preferred.

The Aesthetics of Technology or / Can Gadgets Enhance the Story - the Design of All Things Geek
Sat 12.30 – Sat 13.30, Turku School, Talk
Organizer: Heiko Romu There are minimalist larps. Absolutely enjoyable minimalist larps, experiences you remember all your life. But working magic, embedded telepathy, ubiquitous Items, powerful Potions (sorry for the ADD, and rhyming), wizards with FIREPOWER - the high energy feeling - maybe someone crafted all that? And maybe all that should look GOOD? Meaning good looking sexy? Maybe any sufficiently advanced technology IS indistinguishable from magic? Maybe the dragon should fly and swords should glow (near-ultraviolet LED blue), without the power source quite SO visible? Come to see and hear how that should be designed.

Sat 13.00 – Sat 16.00, Ars Amandi, Freeform
Organizer: Lauri Lukka
Prelude is a freeform role-playing game about physical and psychological exhaustion: a band on a long tour is about to have a definitive clash just before they enter stage.

The game emphasizes relationships, interpersonal conflict and character immersion. The game mechanics explore unilateral relationships and their affect on the character personality.

The excitement has long since gone. There is absolutely no glamour in the endless backstages lacking all comfort; shitty gigs in the middle of nowhere; having to share everything with a group of retards; longing for my home, my family. When I was new to this I thought there would be fame, money, respect and creativity. We got none of them. This is a menial job at its best. And what about our fucked up band? On our first record we were authentic, ambitious and fresh. After that we just sold ourselves to the label.

The producer composed too much of our record. We played along like puppets. Some in the band no longer give a rat’s ass about our music, others are so fucking cocky because “they are rock stars now”. What have we become? I am on the edge. I am ready to quit.

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Writing Larps That Other People Will Re-Organize, Why and How
Sat 13:00- Sat 14:00, Fateplay, talk
Organizer: Olivier Artaud Englanninkielinen kuvaus: Do you want to achieve supreme mastery in larpwriting instead of restricting yourself to approximate techniques? Do you want to reach worldwide fame and glory instead of being confined to small inbred structures? Do you want to become a role-model for newbies who will worship the subtlety and conceptuality of your design? Do you want your work to live on after you and mark larp history through infinite reenactments? Do you want to make a real and personal contribution to the development of our hobby, even among the underprivileged? Or do you just want to spread happiness? Then do attend this conference on designing and writing larps so that other people may re-organize them.

Into the Mainstream - Spreading the Revolution
Sat 13.00 – Sat 14.30, Auditorium, Talk
Organizer: Claus Raasted
In our small and sometimes rather secretive community, we've been doing amazing stuff for years. Very few people outside our community know about it, sadly. Projects like the Nordic Larp book and KAPO help change that, but progress is still slow. What can we do to reach out and grab hold of reality by its non-gender-specific genitals? Quite a lot actually...

The Artists: The Spiral
Sat 13.30 - Sat16.30, Turku School, Larp
Organizer: Adriana Skarped The Spiral is a combined TV-series and an online/irl game, following in the footsteps of The Truth About Marika, that will launch simultaneously in seven European countries this fall. Last October, the first chapter of the story was played out during a three day larp in Copenhagen, where about 40 players took on the roles as contemporary artists and acted out the beginning of the drama series together with the actors. Up until now there has been a lot of secrecy about the project, but with this larp/workshop we will invite all of you to enter The Spiral.

Late arrival: This program is not findable from the program leaflet.

Feeding of Players, Food as Part of the Narrative
Sat 14.00 – Sat 14.30, Fateplay, Talk
Organizer: Mikko Kari
We spend our lives eating, and eat to live. When we imagine our characters in other times and places, we often forget to include what we eat and how. A well-crafted meal, or lack of one, can be a significant part of the actual narrative, setting the mood outside of mealtime as well as during it. This presentation will open ideas for using food as part of your game, what to take into consideration, what will work and why, and how we can make food, from preparation to serving to eating part of the flow of the game. Also, there will be a brief touch on food disasters, how bad or unauthentic food can corrode the mood and destroy immersion.

Early Dances and Such
Sat 14.00 – Sat 16.00, Great hall, Workshop
Organizer: Tonja Goldblatt
A selection of historical and historically inspired dances, which are commonly danced in larps all over Finland. Fun and easy - no prior knowledge of early dancing needed (but you won’t be kicked out if you know the steps already).

Educational Larp in Palestine and Lithuania, Summer 2012: Fantasiforbundet Invites You to Join!
Sat 14.30 – Sat 15.15, Auditorium, Talk
Organizers: Trine Lise Lindahl, Martin Eckhoff Andresen, Erlend Sand Bruer, Vilde Herning, Martin Nielsen, Victoria Lofstad, Ane Marie Anderson
Larping in Palestine? Edu-larp for grown-ups in Vilnius? New book? What on earth are Fantasiforbundet and their international partners up to? Fantasiforbundet invites you get a quick overview of our international projects this summer, how you can join and to get your copy of our new book Playing the Learning Game.

You get to hear about: - Our week-long, cutting-edge, inspiring, practical edu-larp summer school in Vilnius with participants from all over Europe this summer - The first and biggest (to our knowledge) larp in Palestine co-written with fresh, Palestinian larp writers.

We would love to get more people involved in thinking about and doing critical educational larp, so show up and get excited with us!

Phantasmagoria! Designing Supernatural Terror
Sat 15.00 – Sat 16.00, Fateplay, Talk
Organizer: Johanna Koljonen
Ghost stories offer particular design challenges for larpmakers. How could we approach creating emotionally vivid and occasionally terrifying experiences without scaring our players out of character? How can we take players out of their bodies and out of time? Author and critic Johanna Koljonen turns to contemporary literary criticism, the Victorian seance industry and cutting-edge neuroscience research, as well as to game designers who've tried, for inspiration and answers.

A Matter of Time
Sat 15.30 – Sat 17.00, Dogma 99, Larp
Organizer: Martina Ryssel
This is a game about the 1st/245th/3905th annual meeting of the Time Travellers' Society. Killed Jesus or fucked Hitler? This is the place for you! These meetings are usually held on a different day of each year, as you obviously cannot differentiate them by years. Today's annual meeting is the April XXth Meeting, one that will have held a place in the annals of time even before it happened - for the first time. Got a headache already? Good.

Signup at the SK INFO till the game is full.

Ninja Ethnography - How to Gather Data During a Larp?
Sat 15.30 – Sat 16.30, Auditorium, Talk
Organizer: Rafael Bienia
Writing about larp benefits incredibly from first hand data. But how do you collect data for your article? What should you keep in mind to avoid disturbing other players? Are there more topics to be dealt with (ethics, privacy, etc.)?

This workshop will engage participants to join a discussion about ninja methods for gathering data during a larp. For example, as a camera disturbs a medieval setting easily, scholars and journalists have to be inventive to get the necessary data and not to spoil the fun of others - and their own. What are your methods, tips, tricks and ideas? Moderator Rafael Bienia is working on a PhD on role-playing games and will share his toolbox.

Facilitating Good Group Process - Get Your Flow On
Sat 16.00 – Sat 18.00, Ars Amandi, Talk
Organizer: Anne SerupGrove
Teamwork is hard! A good idea and good friends does not necessarily equal a good working process. If only it did! However, this is the normal setup for most organizing teams in the larp and role play arena. In larp organizing we focus so much on the good experience of the participant, i.e. the good end result, that we completely forget the value of managing the entire process.

We lose focus on the good process. We need to focus more on the good process. We need to work on our perception of the organizer as a manager and a facilitator of a project, who actively selects the methods to use. The role of a manager is to design a process that is relevant for the project and to choose methods that will enhance the quality of the project - the quality of teamwork. In this talk I will bring personal experience, creativity and teamwork theory to the table. Methods to work with yourself and your team to reach a good flow of creative project work.

I will introduce method cards, a new way to visually and dynamically work on finding the right methods for your project, without demanding you have a full design background.

Just a Little Lovin' - Confessions and Reflections from Organizers and Participants
Sat 16.00 – Sat 18.00, Fateplay, Panel
Organizers: Tor Kjetil-Edland, Hanne Grasmo
Just a Little Lovin' was an English language Nordic larp played the summer of 2011. The participants in this game explored the beginning of the AIDS epidemic in the early 80s. The game is about two groups of friends: one group based in the gay scene of New York and the other a group of young cancer survivors representing different aspects of "Alternative America". In this program post you will hear the organizers talk about some of their design decisions and a panel of participants will be discussing their experiences and opinions about the game.

Also the organizers of Just a Little Lovin' 2012 will be promoting this summer's re-run of the larp!

Whack, Boff, Boom - What do Finns do with Padded Weapons?
Sat 16.00 – Sat 17.00, Great hall, Workshop
Organizer: Tapio Pellinen
Padded weapons and larps used to be closely knit in Finland, but not anymore. Where did the boffers go, and what became of them? A short lecture will be followed by dubious amount of weapons made available for your pleasure.

Social Conflict and Bleed in Role-playing Communities version 2.0
Sat 16.30 – Sat 18.30, Auditorium, Talk
Organizer: Sarah Lynne Bowman
Last year, I discussed preliminary ideas regarding problems within social dynamics in role-playing communities. Since then, I have conducted over thirty interviews, both nationally and internationally. A longer version of the paper will be presented at this year’s Role-playing in Games Seminar in Tampere.

This talk will explain my findings in detail. Riffing off last year’s “De-fucking” workshop, I will offer suggestions for diffusing conflict pre-game, during game, and post-game, including workshopping and debriefing. Personality traits and behaviors that disrupt player groups will be detailed, as will behaviors that help enhance communal cohesion. Player cultures from the U.S. and the Nordic countries will be contrasted. Participant discussion is highly encouraged!

Using Larp Methods in Professional Theater
Sat 16.30 – Sat 17.30, Turku School, Talk
Organizer: Jannick Raunow
Theater, compared to cinema, is a living art. The step towards improved audience inclusion is an obvious one. Larp methods can be used to prepare the audience for the experience they're about to have, open their senses and heighten their presence. Likewise it can be used post-diegetically to involve the audience in the shared memory, make them feel a part of the story being displayed as well as feeling included and touched by the action: Physically, emotionally and mentally. Professionals in theater are surprisingly conservative. I had the vision of utilizing larp methods to strengthen the experience of the common theatergoer at a traditionally set play. And I wanted to do this entirely on the terms of professional theater.

None of the methods or principles (larp- as well as non-larp) that I utilized could’ve stood on their own, but combined they created a concise whole, which, judging by the audience reviews, made for an experience well beyond what traditional theater supplies. And still on the terms of the common theater and the common audience. I want to present the larp methods utilized in the professional theater setup of Anton Tjekhov's "The Bear" in the fall of 2011. I will show an edited video documentation of the actual event, present the methods, results and thoughts and conclude with a discussion as to how these methodologies can be further utilized, improved and advocated.

Sat 17.00 – Sat 20.00, Dogma 99, Larp
Organizer: Anders Karls
Did I fail you in that world outside this place
Here in to light I say my last adieu
In sadness I contemplate my fall from grace
Alas – hoping to be born anew

What combines comedy and philosophical depth? What brings everyday objects into the realm of the surreal? That is the small, simple and experimental larp named Trash, from the isolated Fenno-Swedish larp scene!

In the obscurity of an imaginative trash bin, we take on the identity of everything from empty tin cans and rotten banana peels to the fuzz found in pockets. We find ourselves in total despair, being thrown away and forgotten, and ask ourselves ”Why? What did I do wrong?”. But there is hope. Legends tells us about the mystical Recycling, a state where you can leave your old life behind and return as something new.

Trash has three main focus points. First, the spontaneous creation and evolution of a character based on an inanimate object. Second, the existential mysteries concerning life, death and Recycling in an surreal world. Finally, the ultimate control over the fate of your character, guiding it from total despair to a state of spiritual enlightenment. The road to Recycling is strange and unknown. Only by finding your true self and with the help of your comrades may you discover the answers you seek.

Welcome into the trash bin!

Signup at the SK INFO till the game is full.

Folk Fantasy Workshop
Sat 17.00 – Sat 19.00, Great hall, Workshop
Organizer: Mike Pohjola
How do you turn the your cultural heritage into a fantasy world? It’s not just about lifting monsters from your national mythology, but also about taking pop culture, history, stereotypes, politics, art and rock’n’roll, and giving them the fantasy make-over. . The Anglo-Saxon culture’s Robin Hood, Shakespeare, King Arthur and elves pretty much make the core building blocks of fantasy literature and roleplaying games. What if other cultures got a similar fantasy treatment? The aim is to create unique fantasy worlds that may deal with topics more relevant than orcs and elves. Novelist and larpwright Mike Pohjola will give your country a total fantasy make-over.

Before attending: Please read Folk Fantasy – Escaping Tolkien from the new Solmukohta book.

Sat 17.30 – Sat 19.00, Turku School, Panel
Organizer: Sara Hjalmarsson
- A utopian post-apocalyptic larp that inspires its participants to develop solutions to contemporary challenges

This program is about exploring a larp idea and concept in a form of a discussion / a workshop. Post-Apocalyptic larp has tended to gravitate toward the dystopic in Scandinavia, but it could be possible to take it in the opposite direction, toward the creative utopic. Historically, people in extreme situations have demonstrated an incredible ingenuity. That same ingenuity and inventiveness could be just as prevalent in a post-apocalyptic world - perhaps stoves could be built out of empty cans, perhaps bars/cafes could operate without electricity, perhaps an alternative justice system could operate.

As a larp, Escaton would be about developing a solution to one or more of our contemporary challenges (pollution, resource shortages, corruption, crime) by breaking the barriers that constrain our thinking. As for conflict - why not have it between groups and ideologies within a utopian community. That way we can explore some of the barriers present today.

The activity will be a discussion forum/workshop hybrid where the concept will be discussed and ideas generated. There will also be some inspirational items available (most of which are interactive) to help to encourage open-minded and creative thinking around the concept.

Costume Designing for Larp - Hands on Workshop
Sat 18.00 – Sat 20.00, Ars Amandi, Workshop
Organizer: Anna Nummi
The workshop will introduce you to the basics of costume design with some examples. We will work in groups on over all costume design for an imaginary larp concept. Ideas will be discussed together to find good and weak points of work. You do not need to have visual design or costume design experience! This workshop will show you that everyone is capable of taking costume design into consideration in larps. Anna Nummi has done costume design for theater, short films and larps, most recently for Konquistadoren in Germany, 2011. She studies fine arts in the Turku Arts Academy.

Future Now! - Building Visions of the Future Through Collaborative Talks
Sat 18.00 – Sat 20.00, Fateplay, Workshop
Organizer: Morgan Jarl
For the larp 2027 we intend to play a 15 year span from now into the future – to be able to do that we want to create several scenes and paths for people to take, but also workshops to fill up gaps between the scenes and flesh out the story. In this workshop we want to collaboratively design the general path to the future that will later on be the story to build the scenes and workshops around.

How to Communicate About Larp to a Mainstream Audience?
Sat 18.30 – Sat 20.00, Auditorium, Panel
Organizer: Jonas Trier-Knudsen
Obviously audiences differ according to where people are from, but it would be interesting to know about how does communication differ from US to Germany and for example how does the communication in Denmark work best. And of course have conversation about "worst cases" where communication went totally wrong and what did we (or them) do wrong in that situation. How can we learn from these mistakes?

Lizzie Stark, Elge Larsson, Karsten Dumbrowski, Frida Sofie S. Jansen are discussing about this hot topic under Jonas Trier-Knudsen’s leadership

Dig deeper into your character, while having sex
Sat 19.00 – Sat 20.20, Great Hall, Talk, Workshop
Organizer: Hanne Grasmo
Do you think playing out sexual feelings at larps take focus away from your character? Quite the opposite: “Just a little lovin’” used sexuality as an engine for a wide range of emotions, relations and reasons. Come see for yourself! In a mix of lecture and workshop the organizer Hanne Grasmo will give you some theory and demonstration of our meta-sex-design. A good warm-up for tonight’s big party! (Come in designer clothes if you so like). “Just a little lovin’” – the larp about the summer aids came to New York City, was held in Oslo last summer and will be remade for Stockholm in June 2012.

Late arrival: This program is not findable from the program leaflet.

Trance Mask Technique – Introduction to the Trance
Sat 20.00 – Sat 20.30, Dogma 99, Talk
Organizer: Alex Fradera
Many cultures have used masks as a ritual technology to facilitate possession states and conjure entities from beyond. Here we explore a western 20th century tradition that borrows from these roots. It strips away the religious requirements, but is not without its mystery. Masks are a way to access something powerful that is immediate and obvious to bystanders. This technique is less about "performing to" than about "being amongst", which perhaps makes it a better fit to larp than attempting to tame it for the stage.

This session is a conversation to allow those unfamiliar with the technique to hear more about it. The technique itself will be illustrated via video examples. A separate session allows the opportunity to experience the technique first-hand. This technique was originally developed by Keith Johnstone and outlined in the seminal text Impro. It has been kept alive by his student Steve Jarand, and the lineage continues through a new generation of mask-workers. Leading this session, Alex Fradera has been working with mask for three years in Europe, Canada and the UK. He is a trained psychologist.

How to Organize Larps Like a Rockstar
Sat 20.00 – Sat 20.30, Turku School, Talk
Organizer: Claus Raasted
In the fourth installment of the Rockstar presentations, some drunken guy way past his prime gives some unforgettable insights into how larp organizing really should be done if you want to stand out from the crowd. Towels and sunglasses optional for the audience.

The Design Lounge Party
Sat 21.00 – Sun 02.00, All around, Other
Ladies and gentleman! Solmukohta 2012 presents:

The Design Lounge Party!

We cordially invite You to dress up to Your best designer clothing - or come as Your fabulous everyday wear - to enjoy the Solmukohta 2012 Design Lounge Party. Come to see fashion and design collide in a fantastic explosion of innovation and glamour and to enjoy the fantastic company of your colleagues.

Forget all old definitions of fashion: being a designer is much more than a brand name. From audiovisual and set designers to structure and game designers - we are all designers! You are our own Coco Chanel and Alvar Aalto combined into one glamorous package. Those whom it may please can arrive disguised as pearls of the innovative world, the design products of our age - pure, glorious ideas that are waiting to come true.

Solmukohta 2012 |