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Other Program

Thu 18.30 - 19.00Opening CeremonyGreat hallOther
Thu 20.00 - 22.00Franco-Swiss Sensory OverloadFateplayOther
Thu 21.00 - 22.00Hour of the Rant - 2012 EditionAuditoriumOther
Thu 22.00 - 00.00Playground Magazine - PartyTurku SchoolOther
Fri 12.30 - 14.0020:20 VisionsDesign LoungeOther
Fri 21.00 - 01.00Duckbowl TournamentImmersion Area|Other
Fri 22.00 - 23.00KAPO DocumentaryTurku SchoolOther
Fri 22.30 - 01.00Don’t Mention ze War!Design LoungeOther
Sat 21.00 - 02.00The Design Lounge PartyAll aroundOther
Sun 10.00 - 11.00Dronning i dag, tiggar i morgonAuditoriumOther
Sun 11.30 - 12.30Lightning Larps FridayDesign LoungeOther
Sun 13.00 - 13.30Closing CeremonyGreat HallOther

Opening Ceremony
Thu 18.30 – Thu 19.00, Great hall, Other
Welcome to Solmukohta 2012! Short welcome speech and important practical info about the conference: what's legal in Finland and what's not and where to get more toilet paper.

Franco-Swiss Sensory Overload
Thu 20.00 – Thu 22.00, Fateplay, Other
Organizers: Thomas B, Olivier Artaud, Josephine Verneuil
Experience a full sensory stimulation from the lands of badass cheese, chocolate and wine. Short larp videos (to cover sight and hearing) will be paired with related food and drink samples (to cover smell and taste). Touch is to be confirmed, and be warned that stimuli may not always be pleasurable...

Hour of the Rant - 2012 Edition
Thu 21.00 – Thu 22.00, Auditorium, Other
Organizer: Claus Raasted
Was KAPO really about fucking monkeys? Is the Swedish Barda feminist enough? And what's up with the fact that Playground Magazine is already dead and then it isn't? The hour of the rant is the place to vent your frustrations and talk trash about the issues that need talking about. International Man of Mystery and Agent Provocateur Claus Raasted hosts this series of ten five-minute-rants that promise to be both amusing, enlightening and debate-provoking.

Playground Magazine - Party
Thu 22.00 – Fri 00.00, Turku School, Other
Organizers: Kasper Friis-Hansen, Matthijs Holter
Join the celebration. Playground Magazine issue #5 will be out in time for Solmukohta and what better excuse is there to throw a one hour launch party. Here you have the unique opportunity to see the freshly printed magazine, meet the new and the old team behind Playground, listen to us talk about what Playground magazine is and will become and give us your rant about what the magazine should be like.

Oh... And you can also subscribe right there and then, so bring cash (please!!!). All we want in return is that you show up, party, and drink. So support your "global" roleplaying magazine and show up.

Hugs, kisses and pretend play Playground Magazine

PS. Everyone is invited!

20:20 Visions
Fri 12.30 – Fri 14.00, Design Lounge, Other
Organizer: Johanna MacDonald
A diverse selection of larp movers, bumpers, thinkers, and shakers give short talks on things in larp that really get under their skin. 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, 6:40 per talk. Expect topics ranging from hardcore larp ethics to money, sex, activism, art, and, technology in larp. Fast and furious presenters include Jaakko Stenros, Claus Raasted, Elin Nilsen, Tor Kjetil Edland, Eleanor Saitta, and more.

Duckbowl Tournament
Fri 21.00 – Sat 01.00, Immersion Area, Other
Organizer: Timo Multamäki
A rubber duck, nakedness, senseless violence and a party, combined in a very Finnish way. Some practice games have been seen in previous Knutepunkts, this here is the 'real deal'.

KAPO Documentary
Fri 22.00 – Fri 23.00, Turku Schools, Other
Organizers: Peter Munthe-Kaas, Juliane Mikkelsen
Kapo was a larp about dehumanizing social dynamics in a camp for political prisoners in the near future of Denmark. In October 2011 102 participants experienced the surrealistic prison camp "Zeeland" and how the social context changes people. In this documentary we try to tell the story about the project and the experience.

Don’t Mention ze War!
Fri 22.30 – Sat 01.00, Design Lounge, Other
For eons, ze Germanz have been known to spoil parties and not have fun. Come join ze German party and discover ze truth: are all the rumours correct? Is your German roommate or ze lecturer of yesterday’s amazing presentation in fact a dull, rule-abiding and above all punctual German dachshund breeder?

Prove yourself to be more German than ze Germanz and become “Solmukohta’s next Top German”! This is ze right place and time! Join us for … well not fun (remember: Germanz never have fun!), join us for ze party. But whatever you do: don’t you dare to be late! And never ever mention ze war!

The Design Lounge Party
Sat 21.00 – Sun 02.00, All around, Other
Ladies and gentleman! Solmukohta 2012 presents:

The Design Lounge Party!

We cordially invite You to dress up to Your best designer clothing - or come as Your fabulous everyday wear - to enjoy the Solmukohta 2012 Design Lounge Party. Come to see fashion and design collide in a fantastic explosion of innovation and glamour and to enjoy the fantastic company of your colleagues.

Forget all old definitions of fashion: being a designer is much more than a brand name. From audiovisual and set designers to structure and game designers - we are all designers! You are our own Coco Chanel and Alvar Aalto combined into one glamorous package. Those whom it may please can arrive disguised as pearls of the innovative world, the design products of our age - pure, glorious ideas that are waiting to come true.

Dronning i dag, tiggar i morgon
Sun 10.00 – Sun 11.00, Auditorium, Other \\ Organizers: Harald Misje, Sindre Titlestad Westegård, Anita Myhre Andersen, Anders Riple
A fantastic TV documentary about larp! Screening of the 30 minute TV documentary "Dronning i dag, tiggar i morgon"/"Queen today, beggar tomorrow" (Norwegian Public Broadcaster, NRK, 2011). The theme is: Do grownups dare to play? In two main parts, it focuses upon children's larp in Bergen and a murder mystery larp where the film team participates as an in game news-team.

The documentary is in Norwegian without subtitles.

Lightning Larps
Sun 11.30 – Sat 12.30, Design Lounge, Other
Organizer: Johanna MacDonald
A variation of the well known lightning talk concept. This is an open stage for short introductions, buffs and teasers of larps yet to be played. Come to advertise and recruit players, or rant about your coolest idea for a game ever! The stage is free and all yours. Sign up for your five minutes of fame at the info desk.

Closing Ceremony
Sun 13.00 – Sun 13.30, Great hall, Other
It's time to say farewell until next year and Knutepunkt 2013, see you in Norway! Might include a rather long list of thanks.

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