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Larps & Freeform games

Thu 18.00 - Sun 10.00AttentatAll aroundLarp
Thu 19.00 - Thu 20.00The Solmukohta Flu – The Opening ScenarioAll aroundLarp
Fri 10.00 - 13.00Trash 1st runDogma 99Larp
Fri 10.00 - 20.00SoulstripThe ClosetLarp
Fri 13.00 - 18.00Playing With IntentDogma 99Freeform
Fri 13.00 - 16.00In DependenceWorkshop RoomFreeform
Fri 16.00 - 18.00Summer lovin’ -Tell Me More – ForomtaleAsk from SK INFOLarp
Fri 17.30 - 20.30Family TripArs AmandiLarp
Fri 18.00 - 19.30A Matter of Time 1st runDogma 99Larp
Fri 19.30 - 21.001942 - the PoliceDogma 99Larp
Fri 20.30 - 23.30White Trash TalkshowAuditoriumLarp
Sat 10.00 - Sat 12.00Identity Poems 1st runArs AmandiFreeform
Sat 10.00 - Sat 12.00Identity Poems 2nd runDogma 99Freeform
Sat 13.00 - Sat 16.00PreludeArs AmandiFreeform
Sat 13.30 - 16.30The Artists: The SpiralTurku SchoolLarp
Sat 15.30 - Sat 17.00A Matter of TimeDogma 99Larp
Sat 17.00 - Sat 20.00Trash 2nd runDogma 99Larp

Thu 18.00 – Su 10.00, All around, Larp
Organizer: Boris Bernhard
"Attentat" is a game about intelligence, creative planning and mean, tricky and scheming murders. This game is certainly one of the oldest larps existing. It is known by various names, "Killer" being the most famous. Every player is a killer and a victim at the same time. Once you kill your victim you then have to kill their target.

The game continues until there's only one player left. Bring your nerf gun to shoot someone. Place a box labeled with "BAAANG!" under your victim's chair. Drop water balloons as bombs. Anything goes, as long as you make sure your victim knows he or she got killed. Trust nobody, everybody might want to kill you. No collateral damage is allowed, though: focus on your target. Be a ninja and do silent kills, nobody should know your objective, right? Kill all the other players to win the game!

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The Solmukohta Flu – The Opening Scenario
Thu 19.00 – Thu 20.00, All around, Larp
Organizers: JiiTuomas Harviainen
Since the dawn of Nodal Points, it had festered. We knew it as the sneezing, coughing and strange exhaustion in the mornings. Yet we survived it. This time, however, the threat is real - and it stalks the hallways! A short horror larp for 2-300 players, written by a certain well-known Finnish designer.

Sat 17.00 – Sat 20.00, Dogma 99, Larp
Organizer: Anders Karls
Did I fail you in that world outside this place
Here in to light I say my last adieu
In sadness I contemplate my fall from grace
Alas – hoping to be born anew

What combines comedy and philosophical depth? What brings everyday objects into the realm of the surreal? That is the small, simple and experimental larp named Trash, from the isolated Fenno-Swedish larp scene!

In the obscurity of an imaginative trash bin, we take on the identity of everything from empty tin cans and rotten banana peels to the fuzz found in pockets. We find ourselves in total despair, being thrown away and forgotten, and ask ourselves ”Why? What did I do wrong?”. But there is hope. Legends tells us about the mystical Recycling, a state where you can leave your old life behind and return as something new.

Trash has three main focus points. First, the spontaneous creation and evolution of a character based on an inanimate object. Second, the existential mysteries concerning life, death and Recycling in an surreal world. Finally, the ultimate control over the fate of your character, guiding it from total despair to a state of spiritual enlightenment. The road to Recycling is strange and unknown. Only by finding your true self and with the help of your comrades may you discover the answers you seek.

Welcome into the trash bin!

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Fri 10.00 – Sat 20.00, The Closet , Larp
Organizer: Larson Kasper
You ended up nude in a closet after helping someone to commit adultery - all three of you...

The game is played continuously and lasts around 30 minutes. When the Closet is empty, you are free to play.

Playing With Intent
Fri 13.00 – Fri 18.00, Dogma 99, Freeform
Organizers: Matthijs Holter, Emily Care Boss
Playing With Intent is a framework for a play that lets you explore not only the fiction, but the techniques that make up a play session. By choosing your techniques for a given instance and scene your group is able to pick the tools which will heighten the experience at each specific moment. Come to learn about it and try it out - we'll talk briefly and play a lot.

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In Dependence
Fri 13.00 – Fri 16.00, Workshop Room, Freeform
Organizer: Lauri Lukka
In Dependence is a freeform role-playing game about indecisiveness, infidelity and relationships. The game is set in an ordinary city or a town where a couple, the Betrayer and the Betrayed, lives.
Their relationship has faded thin verging on collapse, but neither one is ready to admit it. There is a sudden change to this when the Betrayer visits the Third Wheel, his/her ex, and the two discover that they still have feelings towards each other.

The game emphasizes dramatic conflict and character immersion using a variety of game mechanics such as scenes and voices to achieve this. Sitting bedside listening to her spouse in a solitary activity the Betrayer reflects.

I can barely remember the time when it was different. I think our relationship used to feel warm, loving. Now there is only the coldness of being completely alone, even if we are together. The excitement about seeing the Third again confuses me. It feels like The Third makes me awake inside
He/she is the sun and I am blissful staring at it. Like a moth to a flame. I am a bad, immoral person! Why is the Betrayed not making me feel like this? It is my fault! I have not given this relationship enough. Though, the Betrayed has kept quite a distance and we have not had sex for ages. Not that I miss it. I hate my thoughts, I hate my brain. I loathe that I despise.
I disgust myself.

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Summer lovin’ -Tell Me More – Foromtale
Fri 16.00 – Fri 18.00, Ask from SK INFO, Larp
Organizer: Anna Westerling, Trine Lise Lindahl, Elin Nilsen, Frederik BergØstergaard
Three girls, three guys and the stories about who did what with who during a big summer music festival. We will get the story as told by the girls, as told by the guys and then finally played out as it really happened. It’s summer lovin’ and please, do tell me more!

This scenario is not about finding your perfect partner, having amazing sex right away, and living happily ever after. It is a scenario about the uncomfortable hook up in the tent, the grass in the ass, and the poor communication which leads to it all being awkward. But also about the nice feeling of making out, the thrill, the hope of something more, the fun and the laughter.
Sex is a the main theme of this scenario, but you will not get physical with the other players except for holding hands. Then the scene will be told through storytelling, down to every nitty, gritty detail, both physically and emotionally.
Just tell me more!

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Family Trip
Fri 17.30 – Fri 20.30, Ars Amandi , Larp
Organizer: Osher El-Netanany
Ah, the race for the last seaside parking space: Mum’s tired, Dad’s lost, the kids need the loo, and EVERYONE’S COMPLAINING. A noisy, competitive larp for two groups of five players. The larp uses playing cards as a metaphor to the politics embedded in the relationships between the members of every family. The larp’s minimalistic setting (inspired by ideas such as Jeepform and Dogma) is intended to provide the players an opportunity to experience and consider the different roles in conflicts that occur in any ‘normal’ family. Players are encouraged to arrive to the larp dressed in appropriate costumes for a family going on a trip, and bring any items they think are relevant (like food and drinks).

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A Matter of Time
Fri 18.00 – Fri 19.30, Dogma 99 , Larp
This is a game about the 1st/245th/3905th annual meeting of the Time Travellers' Society. Killed Jesus or fucked Hitler? This is the place for you! These meetings are usually held on a different day of each year, as you obviously cannot differentiate them by years. Today's annual meeting is the April XXth Meeting, one that will have held a place in the annals of time even before it happened - for the first time. Got a headache already? Good."

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1942 - the Police
Fri 19.30 – Fri 21.00, Dogma 99 , Larp
Organizer: Sergey Lopariov
A short chamber larp. This scenario is about ambiguity of the police units in the territories occupied by the Germans during the second world war; personal choice and responsibility in extreme conditions of surviving. Winner of the Belarussian Larpwriter Challenge.

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White Trash Talkshow
Fri 20.30 – Fri 23.30, Auditorium, Larp
Organizer: Vili Nissinen
White Trash Talkshow is a larp, participatory performance and an experimental theatre piece in one package. It is based on American trash , Talk show tradition (Jerry Springer Show, Ricki Lake Show etc.), but WTTS is a Finnish taken on the theme. Cases are based on Internet discussions and news. Players will play carnevalistic talk shows guests while an audience can watch the game as theatre and also take part, for example by asking provocative questions or fighting.

WTTS starts already during AWIF. With some players, it is possible to make shocking and revealing videos for game. More info about the videos.

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Identity Poems
Sat 10.00 – Sat 12.00, Ars Amandi & Dogma99, Freeform
Organizer: Matthijs Holter
Identity poems are short, focused "games" which let you experiment with your own personality in different ways. In roleplaying games you challenge and risk your character - but in identity games you explore your own identity. The games you will encounter here vary a lot. Some are light-hearted fun; a few can get serious.

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Sat 13.00 – Sat 16.00, Ars Amandi, Freeform
Organizer: Lauri Lukka
Prelude is a freeform role-playing game about physical and psychological exhaustion: a band on a long tour is about to have a definitive clash just before they enter stage.

The game emphasizes relationships, interpersonal conflict and character immersion. The game mechanics explore unilateral relationships and their affect on the character personality.

The excitement has long since gone. There is absolutely no glamour in the endless backstages lacking all comfort; shitty gigs in the middle of nowhere; having to share everything with a group of retards; longing for my home, my family. When I was new to this I thought there would be fame, money, respect and creativity. We got none of them. This is a menial job at its best. And what about our fucked up band? On our first record we were authentic, ambitious and fresh. After that we just sold ourselves to the label.

The producer composed too much of our record. We played along like puppets. Some in the band no longer give a rat’s ass about our music, others are so fucking cocky because “they are rock stars now”. What have we become? I am on the edge. I am ready to quit.

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The Artists: The Spiral
Sat 13.30 - Sat16.30, Turku School, Larp
Organizer: Adriana Skarped The Spiral is a combined TV-series and an online/irl game, following in the footsteps of The Truth About Marika, that will launch simultaneously in seven European countries this fall. Last October, the first chapter of the story was played out during a three day larp in Copenhagen, where about 40 players took on the roles as contemporary artists and acted out the beginning of the drama series together with the actors. Up until now there has been a lot of secrecy about the project, but with this larp/workshop we will invite all of you to enter The Spiral.

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