A Week In Finland






Program, Friday 13th of April

Fri 10.00 - 12.00Game Based Learning - Østerskov Style (The Secret Recipe Revealed!)AuditoriumTalk
Fri 10.00 - 13.00Trash 1st runDogma 99Larp
Fri 10.00 - 12.00Creating Characters from Real Life BiographiesFateplayWorkshop
Fri 10.00 - 20.00SoulstripThe ClosetLarp
Fri 10.00 - 12.00Designing Politics in LarpTurku SchoolWorkshop
Fri 10.00 - 12.45Contemporary Magic 101Great HallWorkshop
Fri 10.30 - 11.30All the Things I’ve Learned from All the Mistakes I’ve Done – part 2Ars AmandiPanel
Fri 11.30 - 13.00Finnish Larping – Small Nation, Big Difference?Ars AmandiPanel
Fri 12.00 - 13.00States of Play: the Solmukohta Book PresentationAuditoriumTalk
Fri 12.00 - 14.00Let’s Play TogetherFateplayTalk
Fri 12.30 - 14.0020:20 VisionsDesign LoungeOther
Fri 13.00 - 13.30The Secret Art of Avatar DesignArs AmandiTalk
Fri 13.00 - 15.00Larpocracy: Battle Evil Empires Through Your Favorite Pastime!AuditoriumPanel
Fri 13.00 - 18.00Playing With IntentDogma 99Freeform
Fri 13.00 - 15.00This Year in Larp AcademiaTurku SchoolTalk
Fri 13.00 - 16.00In DependenceWorkshop RoomFreeform
Fri 13.30 - 14.00Larp and Aesthetic Responsibility Ars AmandiTalk
Fri 14.00 - 15.30Location and Scenography ToolboxArs AmandiTalk
Fri 14.00 - 16.00Avatar Laboratory – How to Control HumansFateplayWorkshop
Fri 15.00 - 16.30The Great Player Safety Controversy PanelAuditoriumPanel
Fri 15.00 - 16.00Valve - designing technics and the filmTurku SchoolTalk
Fri 16.00 - 17.30Songs and LarpArs AmandiTalk
Fri 16.00 - 18.00Summer lovin’ -Tell Me More – ForomtaleAsk from SK INFOLarp
Fri 16.00 - 17.30Academic Skills of the Game-Based High School?FateplayConversation, Panel
Fri 16.30 - 17.30Five Things We Lie About in LarpAuditoriumTalk
Fri 17.30 - 20.30Family TripArs AmandiLarp
Fri 17.30 - 19.30Russian Larps as a Cultural PhenomenonAuditoriumTalk
Fri 17.30 - 19.30In Fair Verona: Design Process of a Larp Involving Physical ActivitiesFateplayTalk
Fri 18.00 - 19.30A Matter of Time 1st runDogma 99Larp
Fri 18.30 - 20.00Larp and CareerTurku SchoolPanel
Fri 19.30 - 20.30Gender for DummiesAuditoriumTalk
Fri 19.30 - 21.001942 - the PoliceDogma 99Larp
Fri 19.30 - 20.30Great Children Larps Without BofferFateplayTalk
Fri 20.00 - 21.00Dublin2 – Setting the Border to the CenterTurku SchoolTalk
Fri 20.30 - 22.30The overview of the larp Cost of Living (Russia, 2011)Ars AmandiTalk
Fri 20.30 - 23.30White Trash TalkshowAuditoriumLarp
Fri 21.00 - 01.00Duckbowl TournamentImmersion AreaOther
Fri 21.00 - 22.00Zealin Ze Fire from Ze GermansTurku SchoolTalk
Fri 21.30 - 22.30Velvet Sundown: interactive storytelling - digitallyDogma 99Talk
Fri 22.00 - 23.00KAPO DocumentaryTurku SchoolOther
Fri 22.30 - 01.00Don’t Mention ze War!Design LoungeOther

Game Based Learning - Østerskov Style (The Secret Recipe Revealed!)
Fri 10.00 – Fri 12.00, Auditorium, Talk
Organizer: Morten K.Tellefsen v This is a chance to see how the inner mechanics of Østerskov Efterskole turn. Østerskov is a unique Danish boarding school using game based learning as the primary teaching method. We will explain how we fit the curriculum into our games and demonstrate how we teach, so you can see the magic yourself. We will also explain how special students (for example students with Asperger's syndrome) can fit into the creative chaos and complex game mechanics of the school. And we promise that explaining our method is not just going to be a boring power point presentation.

Sat 17.00 – Sat 20.00, Dogma 99, Larp
Organizer: Anders Karls
Did I fail you in that world outside this place
Here in to light I say my last adieu
In sadness I contemplate my fall from grace
Alas – hoping to be born anew

What combines comedy and philosophical depth? What brings everyday objects into the realm of the surreal? That is the small, simple and experimental larp named Trash, from the isolated Fenno-Swedish larp scene!

In the obscurity of an imaginative trash bin, we take on the identity of everything from empty tin cans and rotten banana peels to the fuzz found in pockets. We find ourselves in total despair, being thrown away and forgotten, and ask ourselves ”Why? What did I do wrong?”. But there is hope. Legends tells us about the mystical Recycling, a state where you can leave your old life behind and return as something new.

Trash has three main focus points. First, the spontaneous creation and evolution of a character based on an inanimate object. Second, the existential mysteries concerning life, death and Recycling in an surreal world. Finally, the ultimate control over the fate of your character, guiding it from total despair to a state of spiritual enlightenment. The road to Recycling is strange and unknown. Only by finding your true self and with the help of your comrades may you discover the answers you seek.

Welcome into the trash bin!

Signup at the SK INFO till the game is full.

Creating Characters from Real Life Biographies
Fri 10.00 – Fri 12.00, Fateplay, Workshop
Organizers: Morgan Jarl, Johanna Raekallio, JP Kaljonen
A workshop in how to create characters from real life people and their stories. For the larp Dublin2 Stockholm – an activist, performance art larp about asylum seekers – we intend to use interviews and written autobiographies from real asylum seekers and border guards as the basis of the characters. This workshop is about how you can go about the process of creating a character, but also the ethical responsibility and consideration. How will you debrief a real person when the person is still out there? Come share your thoughts on this design concept and help us refine it.

Fri 10.00 – Sat 20.00, The Closet , Larp
Organizer: Larson Kasper
You ended up nude in a closet after helping someone to commit adultery - all three of you...

The game is played continuously and lasts around 30 minutes. When the Closet is empty, you are free to play.

Designing Politics in Larp
Fri 10.00 – Fri 12.00, Turku School , Workshop
Organizer: Osher El-Netanany

Venice, at the height of the Renaissance. Iceland during the Sagas. London, 1899. Tel Aviv, 1948. Helsinki, yesterday. What is common to all those? A: All those are possible settings for an interesting larp. All of them involve people. Those people rarely want the same thing at the same time (otherwise our larp will not be interesting). The result is a political situation. This workshop is intended to help you understand politics and how it can enrich the design of a larp. The purpose of this workshop is to give larp designers, GMs and players tools to understand politics and use them in the game as part of the design.

Contemporary Magic 101
Fri 10.00 – Fri 12.45, Great Hall, Workshop
Organizer: Tova Gerge, Malin Axelsson, Moa Backman
We make up contemporary (white, grey and multicolored) magic ceremonies, possibly with the help of an automatic magic generator. We try them out together and discuss if and how they work. Our definition of magic is here the practice of shaping the world to our will. This might include telepathy, telekinetics, communication with other worlds/other aspects of this world, and spiritual possession. We welcome anyone who has an enthusiasm for suspension of disbelief, is interested in testing ideas, likes discussing game design from a non-narrative perspective and can stand profane, speculative and dilettantesque (but loving) use of magic.

The workshop is a part of a research process for a performance piece directed primarily towards children (9-12 years old), but whatever we come up with during those hours can and should of course be used for whatever purpose you can come up with in your life as gamer/game designer.

All the Things I’ve Learned from All the Mistakes I’ve Done – part 2
Fri 10.30 – Fri 11.30, Ars Amandi , Panel
Organizer: Rasmus Høgdall
This lecture is all about listening to other people’s mistakes, having a few laughs and maybe learning a thing or two. As the lecture in Denmark last year I will take the stage for around 10 minutes before handing the floor over to four or five competent and wonderfully skilled larp creators, which will share with you some of their biggest mistakes.

We as academics, artists, thinkers or just all-round creative’s, tend to have one thing in common: We all make a lot of mistakes. It is completely normal, it is how we learn and improve in our selected areas of expertise. And as a perk, other people are more than happy to share their mistakes in most professions. This is not my experience in the larp community. Somehow we forgot to exchange stories of mishap and misjudgment. And this is a real shame.
This is the reason why I think it is the best idea in the world to get the mistake dialogue started and what better way to start it, than by sharing one’s own mistakes and talking other people into spilling the beans.

Finnish Larping – Small Nation, Big Difference?
Fri 11.30 – Fri 13.00, Ars Amandi , Panel
Organizer: Ville-Eemeli Miettinen
Finland is a big country with a wide variety larping cultures. How can the cultures be so different with this small amount of larpers? Do the cultures mix? And what makes them different from each other? Or are they even different? We will show you which stereotypes are real and which are based on rumors.

Hell on Earth and fantasy larp organizer Ville-Eemeli Miettinen leads the conversation about the wonders of the Finnish larping cultures. He is accompanied by Fennoswedish larper Jo Granvik, hard core larp designer JT Harviainen and city campaign organizer Niina Niskanen.

States of Play: the Solmukohta Book Presentation
Fri 12.00 – Fri 13.00, Auditorium , Talk
Organizer: Juhana Pettersson
States of Play: Nordic Larp Around the World is the Solmukohta book of 2012. The presentation will feature background to the book project, short presentations by the authors of the articles and discussion about what a Solmukohta book can be, and what it should be.

Let’s Play Together
Fri 12.00 – Fri 14.00, Fateplay, Talk
Organizers: Marinka Copier, Tijn Rams
- A design postmortem on Gruga, a parallel larp universe for kids, teens and adults In this session we dissect our still-alive kids-larp and teen-larp events from a design perspective (no kids, teens or trolls were harmed in the process). We discuss our design decisions, design process and what we have learned from game design, interaction design and performance design. The failures and successes are spiced up with anecdotes, photos and movies. In 2008 specialty gamestore Subcultures organized their first kids-larp event in the Netherlands.

The main goal of the events is to encourage creative role-playing for all player types, ages and gender. Our aim is to stimulate players’ creativity, empathy and self-reflection, getting all ages and both boys and girls to play together. We try to provide all player types with meaningful actions and collaborative play, ranging from storytelling and solving puzzles to sneaking and fighting. Currently 200 kids, teens and parents and even grandparents join for each event, 25-30% of them are female. Designing these events is an iterative process which gives us the chance to learn from our mistakes and apply lessons learned to future events.

20:20 Visions
Fri 12.30 – Fri 14.00, Design Lounge, Other
Organizer: Johanna MacDonald
A diverse selection of larp movers, bumpers, thinkers, and shakers give short talks on things in larp that really get under their skin. 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide, 6:40 per talk. Expect topics ranging from hardcore larp ethics to money, sex, activism, art, and, technology in larp. Fast and furious presenters include Jaakko Stenros, Claus Raasted, Elin Nilsen, Tor Kjetil Edland, Eleanor Saitta, and more.

The Secret Art of Avatar Design – The Stuff that Characters Come From
Fri 13.00 – Fri 13.30, Ars Amandi , Talk
Organizer: Laura Flöter
Design is a key-paradigm of post-modern understanding of appearance: everything in the outer world is object to shaping – this art of making things look is often referred to as a manifestation of aesthetics. But the outer world is not everything there is. Role-playing, I argue, is the art of designing the inner world – giving its phenomena an imaginary appearance in the mind. Thus, role-playing, too, is a matter of aesthetics.

This item proposes that there is something in role-playing activity that is parallel to a genuine art form. The creative processes of both these practices, I will point out, proceed nearly analogously: the creator (artist or role-player) summons her subconscious contents to the surface of conscious reasoning, where she siphons them up, distils and processes them by shaping her aesthetic product – from the raw psychic material that a person is not necessarily aware of, but that are nevertheless part of her mind, and that dreams, wishes, fantasies and intuition come from.

My lecture looks into the idea that the character's origin is rooted in the player's ephemeral content of the subconscious as well. This attribute is what determinates the avatar's stuff and individual appearance: the player's own deepest fantasies, memories, desires. That's what a real piece of art is made from – so the character is reasonably to be called a designed aesthetic artefact. In this lecture and talk, we will try to get a closer look on the secret art of character design – come along!

Larpocracy: Battle Evil Empires Through Your Favorite Pastime!
Fri 13.00 – Fri 15.00, Auditorium, Panel
Organizer: Martin Nielsen
Fantasiforbundet is hosting a discussion forum about using educational larps to promote critical thinking in countries where the government doesn't consider this a very important task. We have three years of experience doing larp with partners in Palestine and Belarus, working together with NGOs to use larp as a practical educational tool. In this workshop, we'll first present our method and experiences so far.

This summer, we are planning a week-long summer school for critical educational larp in Vilnius and a three-day larp in Palestine, and we would love get your viewpoints on the programme, the method and the evolution of critical educational larps. And there's lots of unlarped territory on the globe – maybe you'd like to start a project somewhere, too?

Playing With Intent
Fri 13.00 – Fri 18.00, Dogma 99, Freeform
Organizers: Matthijs Holter, Emily Care Boss
Playing With Intent is a framework for a play that lets you explore not only the fiction, but the techniques that make up a play session. By choosing your techniques for a given instance and scene your group is able to pick the tools which will heighten the experience at each specific moment. Come to learn about it and try it out - we'll talk briefly and play a lot.

Signup at the SK INFO till the game is full.

This Year in Larp Academia
Fri 13.00 – Fri 15.00, Turku School, Talk
Organizer: JiiTuomas Harviainen
The traditional, arrogant lecture on larp-related academic and some other publications that have been published since the last Knutpunkt. All the text you wish you had time to read, described and evaluated for easy access. Did Montola say something new this year about bleed? Did the editors manage to publish a new issue of IJRP? Should you know something from Larp Frescos, even if it may be in Italian?

In Dependence
Fri 13.00 – Fri 16.00, Workshop Room, Freeform
Organizer: Lauri Lukka
In Dependence is a freeform role-playing game about indecisiveness, infidelity and relationships. The game is set in an ordinary city or a town where a couple, the Betrayer and the Betrayed, lives.
Their relationship has faded thin verging on collapse, but neither one is ready to admit it. There is a sudden change to this when the Betrayer visits the Third Wheel, his/her ex, and the two discover that they still have feelings towards each other.

The game emphasizes dramatic conflict and character immersion using a variety of game mechanics such as scenes and voices to achieve this. Sitting bedside listening to her spouse in a solitary activity the Betrayer reflects.

I can barely remember the time when it was different. I think our relationship used to feel warm, loving. Now there is only the coldness of being completely alone, even if we are together. The excitement about seeing the Third again confuses me. It feels like The Third makes me awake inside
He/she is the sun and I am blissful staring at it. Like a moth to a flame. I am a bad, immoral person! Why is the Betrayed not making me feel like this? It is my fault! I have not given this relationship enough. Though, the Betrayed has kept quite a distance and we have not had sex for ages. Not that I miss it. I hate my thoughts, I hate my brain. I loathe that I despise.
I disgust myself.

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Larp and Aesthetic Responsibility - When Just a Little Lovin' Became an Art Debate
Fri 13.30 – Fri 14.00, Ars Amandi, Talk
Organizer: Tova Gerge
A Solmukohta Book contributor speaks about the article with the same title. The talk sums up something as uncommon as a relatively long-running media debate about the artistic values of one specific larp, namely Just a Little Lovin', a game with the tagline "1982: It was the summer AIDS came to New York City".

The debate, that took place in March and May of 2011 in the Swedish newspaper Expressen, was both about the specific characteristics of larp as an art form, about what artistic responsibility is, about who has the right to retell what parts of the AIDS epidemic and in what way. Though the debate was touching on highly explosive subjects, much more could have been said, and some of the important questions disappeared in the linguistic noise between larpers and non-larpers.
The presentation uses this media event as a stepping stone for elaborating on questions about larp, responsibility and the privilege of interpretation.

Location and Scenography Toolbox
Fri 14.00 – Fri 15.30, Ars Amandi, Talk
Organizers: Mads Havshøj, Oliver Nøglebæk
So you have your fancy location? But you don’t know how to design it to suit your larp? In this talk Techninja Mads and Oliver the Architect will talk about the most common physical design pitfalls that they have seen at the larps they helped organize. You will get familiar with topics such as location analysis, game flow, interactive scenography and the players' interaction with their surroundings. In the end you will have a toolbox with tools and perspectives on how to plan, set up and use your location.

Avatar Laboratory – How to Control Humans
Fri 14.00 – Fri 16.00, Fateplay, Workshop
Organizers: Ebba Petrén, Gabriel Widing, Jakob laCour
An invitation to experiment with different means to take control of each others’ bodies. With “avatar” we mean a body that chooses to be controlled by an outer force, which means that the avatar will experience life without making its own decisions. This workshop offers you both the sensations of being the avatar and of controlling the avatar. Ebba and Gabriel have worked with a performance where the audience is turned into avatars listening and obeying a series of instructions. Jakob experiments on how to program human bodies. We share our experiences and try out some work-in-progress in a playful workshop.

The Great Player Safety Controversy Panel
Fri 15.00 – Fri 16.30, Auditorium, Panel
Organizers: Johanna Koljonen, Bjarke Pedersen, Jaakko Stenros
Playing close to home, grownup gaming, thin characters, interaction alibis, defucking for bleed… In the last few years the Nordic design community has made giant leaps in game intensity, particularly by systematically steering players towards using personal and painful experiences as in-game intensifiers. New words, phrases and concepts relating to player safety have popped up too, signaling the need for a serious conversation on risks and responsibilities. While the games are very cool, they also throw all of our old ideas of player safety out the window (and reveal that many we used to trust never actually worked at all).

How do these games affect us? To what extent can larpmakers be absolved of responsibility if a player gets broken? Can a player – especially a new player – ever have a realistic idea of what the larp experience will entail? Is it even ethical to invite people with no larp experience to play extreme games?

This panel brings together some of the people giving separate talks on safety and ethics at Solmukohta for a spirited overview of what, if anything, we as a community know about taking care of each other before, during and after larps designed for extreme experiences. A premise of the conversation is that grown-ups should generally speaking be allowed to make dangerous or destructive choices for themselves within the limits of the law. Nobody is looking to outlaw extreme experiences – but we should be able to have a sane conversation about designing parameters around them.

Valve - designing technics and the film
Fri 15.00 – Fri 16.00, Turku School, Talk
Organizer: Katri Lassila
Valve is a pervasive city larp campaign running through 2011 - 2013 with 3 to 4 games per year by Katri Lassila, Antti Kanner, Petri Leinonen and Tuomas Hakkarainen and made with the participation of Alvar Aalto Society. The main theme is the city scape, seeing fresh the many times seen and experienced. Directors have tested several methods of larp and have been seeking a new ways of design. Tuomas Hakkarainen will tell about the technics and Katri Lassila will show a short film based on the parts played during the summer 2011.

Late arrival: This item is not findable from the program leaflet.

Songs and Larp - How the Singing on Larp Can Uncover New Horizons
Fri 16.00 – Fri 17.30, Ars Amandi, Talk
Organizer: Alexey Fedoseev
We're used to see rituals, dances and visual effects in our larps. Game masters like such elements incorporated into the diegesis due to deep cultural background, interactivity, rich visual ambiance and so on. But singing songs (folk, historical, choral or solo) became the real godsend for the larp technologies as well as game ideas and meaning.

The talk was inspired by the several larps went off in Russia in 2009-2011, primarily "Lagaan", "Songs of the Western Slavs" and "Durmstrang". Songs run through the game conceptions and were not only the major part of the playing mechanics (e.g. Lagaan was based on the Bollywood movies and every character owed to "sing and dance" all the time) but also created large field of meaning and interpretations. For instance, Songs of the Western Slavs was the game about folk life of the Serbs, Vlachs and Ukrainian; every character has the own folk/historical song that opened the door to the world of folk stories, fairy-tales and personal self-determination through the adventure.

During the talk we'll examine these examples attentively. I'll cover the main peculiarities of using songs on larps: what can be done by songs, what is the uniqueness of acoustic perception on larp, what context will rise beyond the folk song, what pros and cons will obtain a game master and a player, who can sing on larp after all (the short answer is -- everybody!) and so on.

Summer lovin’ -Tell Me More – Foromtale
Fri 16.00 – Fri 18.00, Ask from SK INFO, Larp
Organizer: Anna Westerling, Trine Lise Lindahl, Elin Nilsen, Frederik BergØstergaard
Three girls, three guys and the stories about who did what with who during a big summer music festival. We will get the story as told by the girls, as told by the guys and then finally played out as it really happened. It’s summer lovin’ and please, do tell me more!

This scenario is not about finding your perfect partner, having amazing sex right away, and living happily ever after. It is a scenario about the uncomfortable hook up in the tent, the grass in the ass, and the poor communication which leads to it all being awkward. But also about the nice feeling of making out, the thrill, the hope of something more, the fun and the laughter.
Sex is a the main theme of this scenario, but you will not get physical with the other players except for holding hands. Then the scene will be told through storytelling, down to every nitty, gritty detail, both physically and emotionally.
Just tell me more!

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Academic Skills of the Game-Based High School?
Fri 16.00 – Fri 17.30, Fateplay Keskustelu, Panel
Organizers: Mauri Laakso, Pekko Koskinen, Morten K.Tellefsen, JiiTuomas Harviainen, Antti Rajala, Heikki Koponen
Otava Folk High School bases its bame based learning on authentic learning of real-world processes. We encourage participation in authentic processes in the society by taking an active role in societal initiatives: next year, the city of Mikkeli will arrange an architectural contest concentrating on city planning. Otava's game class will take part in the contest, and the city will support this by offering a connection to the civil service machinery. Otava also emphasizes gaming as such, making the city planning game the narrative frame work of next year's studies. The event is a so-called "fish-bowl" discussion on Otava's game-based learning strategies.

Five Things We Lie About in Larp
Fri 16.30 – Fri 17.30, Auditorium, Talk
Organizer: Bjarke Pedersen
Larp is for everybody, Larp is safe, Larp is awesome. These are all things we tell ourselves without critically examining them. But we are wrong. We lie to each other about the thing we love the most. Larp deserves more than that. It is time to remove the veil and see where the truth can take us. Not all is as we believe it to be. Only by critically examining every aspect of larp, even the difficult or the embarrassing stuff, we'll move forward and gain knowledge about making better larps.

Family Trip
Fri 17.30 – Fri 20.30, Ars Amandi , Larp
Organizer: Osher El-Netanany
Ah, the race for the last seaside parking space: Mum’s tired, Dad’s lost, the kids need the loo, and EVERYONE’S COMPLAINING. A noisy, competitive larp for two groups of five players. The larp uses playing cards as a metaphor to the politics embedded in the relationships between the members of every family. The larp’s minimalistic setting (inspired by ideas such as Jeepform and Dogma) is intended to provide the players an opportunity to experience and consider the different roles in conflicts that occur in any ‘normal’ family. Players are encouraged to arrive to the larp dressed in appropriate costumes for a family going on a trip, and bring any items they think are relevant (like food and drinks).

Signup at the SK INFO till the game is full.

Russian Larps as a Cultural Phenomenon
Fri 17.30 – Fri 19.30, Auditorium , Talk
Organizer: Alexey Fedoseev
We have a long history of roleplaying in Russia, but this talk isn't a historical overview. I want to introduce the scope of positions available in the modern Russian larp community: what is larp itself, why larps are conducted, how larp should be understood and interpreted.

Today larps are undoubtedly a cultural phenomenon in Russia. It's not only hundreds of thousands people playing larps but also there is also a lot of examples how larps interact with the cultural environment. The main difference with the Nordic countries is: we have lack of academic research and ocumenting larps (especially on English), we have a relatively small community of "thinking game masters" -- who are interested in the academic discussion.

We have a huge larp conventions but the main theme of the majority of discussions is larp technologies instead of the meanings that a larps can create. In this talk I'll try to collect and introduce the main trends in Russian larps with the short examples of the games, game master stories and conceptions. Also we'll note the ways of intepreting the past games, the ways of analyzing and critique of the larps presented in Russia.

Together we should find the answer to the main question "what is specificity and similarity in the direction of Russian larps?"

In Fair Verona: Design Process of a Larp Involving Physical Activities
Fri 17.30 – Fri 19.30, Fateplay , Talk
Organizer: Jesper Bruun
Here I describe our efforts to use workshops to design a larp involving tango as the primary means of expression. We have set up the tangolarp In Fair Verona three times, and held a bunch of test workshops before and in-between. While we do not believe we have finished our development of tangolarp, we are now comfortable with sharing what we have discovered so far. Our highly experimental approach has led to many failures but more successes, and I think that others can benefit from the approach. With this talk, I want to expand the idea of involving physical activity as a means to express stories in larps.

A Matter of Time
Fri 18.00 – Fri 19.30, Dogma 99 , Larp
Organizer: Martina Ryssel
This is a game about the 1st/245th/3905th annual meeting of the Time Travellers' Society. Killed Jesus or fucked Hitler? This is the place for you! These meetings are usually held on a different day of each year, as you obviously cannot differentiate them by years. Today's annual meeting is the April XXth Meeting, one that will have held a place in the annals of time even before it happened - for the first time. Got a headache already? Good."

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Larp and Career
Fri 18.30 – Fri 20.00, Turku School , Panel
Organizer: Johanna MacDonald
Or when a hobby becomes a part of your profession. Earning money with larps is not only for professional game masters. In fact, there are many fields of work where your acquired larping skills come more than handy. Teaching, coaching, performing, writing... the list of jobs goes on. What are the professional possibilities within larp? How can you use larp stuff to advance your career?
Actor Johanna MacDonald, Innovation Curator Santtu Määttänen, publisher Claus Raasted and professor of Interaction design Annika Waern are sharing their thoughts on this subject. \\

Gender for Dummies - or All You Need to Know to Ace the Debate
Fri 19.30 – Fri 20.30, Auditorium , Talk
Organizer: Emma Wieslander
Discussion is a great thing, especially when people with different opinions can really exchange views and ideas. To do this a language that covers the concept you want to talk about is a handy tool. Gender is a concept that has become much talked about and explored in some Nordic larps over the last decade. As this concept gets more spread gender is something that more larps will have to relate to in some way, whether the larp targets those issues or not.

This is the talk that will take you through the basics, from what words might be useful to get your point across to what mistakes you, as a gamer or organizer, can easily avoid to save time and energy. The goal is to introduce and explain in order to make a discussion less focused on what words mean and more about what you want.

1942 - the Police
Fri 19.30 – Fri 21.00, Dogma 99 , Larp
Organizer: Sergey Lopariov
A short chamber larp. This scenario is about ambiguity of the police units in the territories occupied by the Germans during the second world war; personal choice and responsibility in extreme conditions of surviving. Winner of the Belarussian Larpwriter Challenge.

Signup at the SK INFO till the game is full.

Great Children Larps Without Boffer
Fri 19.30 – Fri 20.30, Fateplay, Talk
Organizer: Miriam Lundqvist
In the Nordic countries, there are few if any youth larps without boffer combat. In this talk, we will explore possible disadvantages with the current state of affairs, as well as offer a few alternatives from some of LajvVerkstaden's (The LarpWorkshop) events, in which few or no boffer elements are usually incorporated in the design. It is widely believed that children are mainly attracted to fighting games. Here, we will argue the contrary - hoping to inspire the listener with an eye out for a more diverse, and perhaps also more challenging, larp scene for youth.

Miriam, the presenter, is a founder and CEO/director of LajvVerkstaden - a Swedish company working with larp as a pedagogical tool, as well as an artform. LajvVerkstaden has been awarded as one of the foremost social entrepreneuring companies in Sweden.

Dublin2 – Setting the Border to the Center
Fri 20.00 – Fri 21.00, Turku School, Talk
Organizer: Johanna Raekallio, JP Kaljonen
Dublin2 was a reality-based game about asylum seekers and European asylum policy. The larp balanced between a game, a public artwork and an activist framework. The project was created as a reaction to the flaws of the current asylum system by three visual artists, who had been working with refugees for the past couple of years. The larp took place in one of the central plazas of Helsinki, merging the urban environment and the people walking by into its scenery. The citizens were invited to participate in the larp and the interaction with them offered the players possibilities to proceed in the game.

The game had a strong documentary character. The characters were based on the real life stories of the asylum seekers and constructing the game world required extensive background research. Representatives from various NGOs and local businesses as well as journalists participated in the larp, which caught widespread attention in the Finnish media. The game organizers will talk about their vision on expressing a political issue via live role-play.

The overview of the larp Cost of Living (Russia, 2011)
Fri 20.30 – Fri 22.30, Ars Amandi , Talk
Organizer: Alexey Fedoseev, Viatcheslav Rozhkov
The larp Cost of Living took place in Tver region of Russia in the summer of 2011. This larp became the most noticeable and complicated game project in the modern Russian larps. The game lasted for 4 days and had more than 550 participants (and about 50 organizers).

Large city with skyscrapers, government buildings and night clubs was built from scratch at a location in the countryside. Lot of aspects of the modern life and the nearest future were reconstructed in the diegesis: police and criminal, spies and corporations, politics and civil unrest, television and hackers, popular culture and modern art, etc. The idea of the larp was based on the works of Robert Sheckley and Strugatsky brothers.

The game was not just an antiutopia, the picture of the nearest unpleasant future, but also concealed and sharp criticism of the modernity -- consumer society based on the ideas of Neoliberalistic capitalism. The main story of the game is the Reality Show conducted in the whole city. Every resident and guest became a participant of the Show. Hidden cameras are everywhere. Every man has their own rating based on thier "show activity". You could earn rating by making "cool things" like making a good speech, having sex in public or even by killing someone. The international corporation Lifecost controls the Show and creates new "storylines" playing with lives of real people.

As a game master of this larp, I want to describe the game in whole and talk about several interesting techniques we used, show photos and answer all questions.

White Trash Talkshow
Fri 20.30 – Fri 23.30, Auditorium, Larp
Organizer: Vili Nissinen
White Trash Talkshow is a larp, participatory performance and an experimental theatre piece in one package. It is based on American trash , Talk show tradition (Jerry Springer Show, Ricki Lake Show etc.), but WTTS is a Finnish taken on the theme. Cases are based on Internet discussions and news. Players will play carnevalistic talk shows guests while an audience can watch the game as theatre and also take part, for example by asking provocative questions or fighting.

WTTS starts already during AWIF. With some players, it is possible to make shocking and revealing videos for game. More info about the videos will be at the community house during AWiF.

Signup at the SK INFO till the game is full.

Duckbowl Tournament
Fri 21.00 – Sat 01.00, Immersion Area, Other
Organizer: Timo Multamäki
A rubber duck, nakedness, senseless violence and a party, combined in a very Finnish way. Some practice games have been seen in previous Knutepunkts, this here is the 'real deal'.

Zealin Ze Fire from Ze Germans - How We Forgot the Larpwright and Learned to Love the Bomb
Fri 21.00 – Fri 22.00, Turku School, Talk
Organizers: Ville Takanen, Maija Hannula
Ville Takanen and Massi Hannula present tricks and lessons stolen from the Germans (and the lesser Germans known as the Danes) through examples of their larp "Perintö 1963".

Velvet Sundown: interactive storytelling - digitally
Fri 21:30 - 22:30, Dogma 99, Talk
Organizers: Elina Arponen, Ville-Kalle Arponen
Velvet Sundown is the first interactive drama produced by Finnish start-up Tribe Studios. It is an hour long multiplayer experience where every character is played by a real person. The players become actors that create drama and stories through interactions with each other. Velvet Sundown is released on the Dramagame-platform. We will talk about the Velvet Sundown game play experience. We look at similarities and differences between Dramagame and LARPs. We will also talk about other attempts at digital LARPing and compare digital drama / digital LARPs with digital roleplaying games.

Late arrival: This item is not findable from the program leaflet.

KAPO Documentary
Fri 22.00 – Fri 23.00, Turku Schools, Other
Organizers: Peter Munthe-Kaas, Juliane Mikkelsen
Kapo was a larp about dehumanizing social dynamics in a camp for political prisoners in the near future of Denmark. In October 2011 102 participants experienced the surrealistic prison camp "Zeeland" and how the social context changes people. In this documentary we try to tell the story about the project and the experience.

Don’t Mention ze War!
Fri 22.30 – Sat 01.00, Design Lounge, Other
For eons, ze Germanz have been known to spoil parties and not have fun. Come join ze German party and discover ze truth: are all the rumours correct? Is your German roommate or ze lecturer of yesterday’s amazing presentation in fact a dull, rule-abiding and above all punctual German dachshund breeder?

Prove yourself to be more German than ze Germanz and become “Solmukohta’s next Top German”! This is ze right place and time! Join us for … well not fun (remember: Germanz never have fun!), join us for ze party. But whatever you do: don’t you dare to be late! And never ever mention ze war!

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