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Thank you!

Program team thanks all the program organizers, contributors, helpers and people who participate to the program in Solmukohta 2012.

We had 100 official program items at Solmukohta, and on top of that was created at least ten (or even more behind our backs) program items.

We had more than 92 program organizers this year, but exact number is difficult to say - as there were many of you, who was not officially informed to the program team, but did a big job anyways.

We encourage you to send us your slides, links to your blog posts and videos to
- so everybody can see your work and recap what they might forgot.

Take a look of slides and presentation materials from Solmukohta 2012:

Since the first event, held in 1997, Solmukohta has evolved into the main venue of co-operation between Nordic roleplaying gamers and meeting players from all around Europe and even farther away. The panels, lectures, workshops and games are goldmines for finding new ideas about gaming and game organizing, keeping good thoughts afloat and sharing your experiences of your previous games - what's old hat to you may be an exciting novelty for some other larp scene

Solmukohta is not, however, only all about its official program. It is as much about meeting interesting people and sharing your ideas and views with them and getting feedback. It is about having fun and finding inspiration. The basis of the event is build on parties and informal meetings.

Program is online!

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Printed leaflet is not including last cancellations or changes of the program that have been happening after program was sent to print.

Call for Program

Deadline for Call for Program was 28th of February, but if you come up with a great idea later on, please contact, and present your idea. They might have one or two spots left!

Theme for Saturday Night Party is Design Lounge

Ladies and gentleman!
Solmukohta 2012 presents:

The Design Lounge Party!

(Saturday 14th of April 2012 / Kiljavanranta Hotel)

We cordially invite You to dress up to Your best designer clothing - or come as Your fabulous everyday wear - to enjoy the Solmukohta 2012 Design Lounge Party. Come to see fashion and design collide in a fantastic explosion of innovation and glamour and to enjoy the fantastic company of your colleagues.

Forget all old definitions of fashion: being a designer is much more than a brand name. From audiovisual and set designers to structure and game designers - we are all designers! You are our own Coco Chanel and Alvar Aalto combined into one glamorous package. Those whom it may please can arrive disguised as pearls of the innovative world, the design products of our age - pure, glorious ideas that are waiting to come true.

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