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Solmukohta (or Knutepunkt, Knutpunkt or Knudepunkt when held in Norway, Sweden or Denmark respectively) is an annual Nordic live action roleplaying convention that has a strong tradition of freeform games as well.

Since the first event, held in 1997, Solmukohta has evolved into the main venue of co-operation between Nordic roleplaying gamers and meeting players from all around Europe and even farther away. The panels, lectures, workshops and games are goldmines for finding new ideas about gaming, game organizing, keeping good thoughts afloat and sharing your experiences of your previous games – what is an old hat to you may be an exciting novelty for some other larp scene.

Solmukohta is not, however, only all about its official program. It is as much about meeting interesting people and sharing your ideas and views with them and getting feedback. It is about having fun and finding inspiration. The basis of the event is built on parties and informal meetings

For those who are interested in seeing more, there is A Week in Finland – a pre-event filled with larps, meetings and parties. This is also a great chance to see more of Finland – not limited to the typical tourist attractions and sightseeing – and also to get to know Finnish roleplayers and roleplaying a little better. AWiF will start on Sunday the 8th of April and end at noon Thursday the 12th. As Solmukohta is held a little outside Helsinki, AWiF is organized all around Helsinki. Participants will stay at local larper's homes or at a youth center, with their sleeping bags and pads.

During the last few years, the event has expanded its horizons considerably. In addition to the main Nordic countries, the last few years have seen participants from more that twenty countries. We’d love to see this trend continue – broader horizons bring more ideas and a better view on how gaming works in different cultures.


Solmukohta 2012 will be held on the 12th-15th of April 2012. The event will begin at 15:00 on thursday, though participants can arrive earlier (but not before 12:00) to check in and eat lunch. The event will end at 15:00 on sunday afternoon.

For who

Solmukohta is meant for role-players, larpers, game designers, researchers, amateurs and professionals in the field. We have an age limit of 18; unfortunately we cannot make exceptions to this rule.


The price for Solmukohta 2012 is 150 EUR including all meals, the Book and hotel rooms during the convention. A Week in Finland is also included in the price if you choose to come. 150 EUR is about 195 USD, 125 GBP, 1340 SEK, 1120 DKK and 1160 NOK.

The deadline for payment is March 15. After the deadline, the registration cost will increase to 170 EUR.

Signup will open on January. Payment will be done by bank transfer. To help people decrease transfer fees, we try to gather country contacts from the countries where most people are coming from. These country contacts can collect the money and then send it on. Our bank account is at Nordea Finland, as transfer fees from Nordea to Nordea usually are little smaller than avarage.


Solmukohta will be held at the conference hotel Kiljavanranta in Nurmijärvi just 45 kilometers from downtown Helsinki and 40 kilometers from the airport. Due the huge interest, we have also some accommodation in a nearby hotel Haukilampi, 2 km from Kiljavanranta.

The guests will be accommodated in rooms of 2-3 people. Each room has a television, shower and toilet.

The use of the hotel's saunas and swimming pool are included in the registration price.

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