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How to Get to Solmukohta

Solmukohta will be held at the conference hotel Kiljavanranta in Nurmijärvi just 45 kilometers from downtown Helsinki and 40 kilometers from the airport.


Solmukohta buses

We have three buses leaving from Helsinki city central, from Modern art Museum Kiasma (Mannerheiminaukio 2, Helsinki) around 2pm on Thursday:
2pm, 2.15pm and 2.30pm. The first buss will continue from Kiljavanranta to Haukilampi. Signing up for buses was part of the registration form, if you want to change your details, cancel or reserve yourself a place on a bus, please contact

On Sunday, the buses back to Helsinki city central, airport and ferry terminal will leave so, that you'll be at the airport at 4pm, at the city central 4.20pm and at the ferry terminal at 4.30pm.


To get to Solmukohta from Helsinki by car:

  • Take the Hämeenlinna highway (E12) out of Helsinki.
  • Take the intersection to Nurmijärvi.
  • Drive past Nurmijärvi towards Rajamäki.
  • Turn left from the intersection to Rajamäki.
  • Drive approximately 5 kilometers until you see the signs pointing towards the Kiljavanranta conference hotel.
  • HUMAK university of Applied Sciences is located in the same building as Kiljavanranta. It has plenty of parking space.
  • The address of Kiljavanranta is Kotorannantie 49, 05250 Kiljava (Nurmijärvi). The address of the second hotel, Haukilampi, is Haukilammentie 35, 05250 Kiljava (Nurmijärvi).

To get from Helsinki to Solmukohta by public transport.

Public Transport Buses from Helsinki to Kiljavanranta leave from the Kamppi bus station (the cellar floor at the Kamppi Shopping Center). The price of the bus ticket is €9.80. Name of the bus stop where to get off is Kiljavan Sairaala (Kiljava Hospital).

DepartureArrival (about)Bus lineDates
01:4003:01492 Helsinki - Rajamäki/RöykkäSat, Sun
03:3004:52492 Helsinki - Rajamäki/RöykkäSat, Sun
06:0507:01495 Helsinki - RajamäkiThu, Fri
07:4008:36495 Helsinki - NurmijärviSat, Sun
08:0009:01495 Helsinki - NurmijärviThu, Fri
08:1009:19490 Helsinki - RöykkäThu, Fri
09:0010:01495 Helsinki - NurmijärviThu, Fri
10:3011:37495 Helsinki - NurmijärviThu, Fri
11:5012:57495 Helsinki - NurmijärviThu, Fri, Sat, Sun
12:5014:20492 Helsinki - Rajamäki, change at Rajamäki to 490 Rajamäki - HelsinkiThu, Fri
13:4014:52495 Helsinki - NurmijärviThu, Fri
13:4014:42495 Helsinki - NurmijärviSat, Sun
14:2015:27495 Helsinki - NurmijärviSat, Sun
15:2016:37495 Helsinki - NurmijärviThu, Fri
15:4516:51495 Helsinki - NurmijärviSat, Sun
15:4517:01495 Helsinki - NurmijärviThu, Fri
18:0019:06495 Helsinki - NurmijärviThu, Fri
18:1019:14490A Helsinki - Rajamäki/Kiljavan opistoSat, Sun
19:4020:51495 Helsinki - NurmijärviThu, Fri
21:2022:31495 Helsinki - NurmijärviSat, Sun
21:2022:45495 Helsinki - NurmijärviSat, Sun
22:2023:26495 Helsinki - NurmijärviThu, Fri, Sat

To get from Solmukohta to Helsinki by public transport.

Public Transport Buses from Solmukohta to Helsinki leave from the Kiljavan sairaala bus stop, which is located between hotels Haukilampi and Kiljavanranta. The price of the bus ticket is €9.80

Departure (about)Arrival (about)Bus lineDates
08:3509:50495A Röykkä--Rajamäki - HelsinkiSat, Sun
09:0210:10490 Nurmijärvi - HelsinkiSat, Sun
10:5212:00490 Nurmijärvi - HelsinkiSat, Sun
12:2213:30490 Nurmijärvi - HelsinkiSat, Sun
12:5214:00490 Nurmijärvi - HelsinkiThu, Fri
12:5514:10495A Röykkä--Rajamäki - HelsinkiSun
13:5215:00490 Nurmijärvi - HelsinkiThu, Fri
14:2215:30490 Rajamäki - HelsinkiThu, Fri
14:4016:00495A Röykkä--Rajamäki - HelsinkiSat, Sun
15:2716:35490 Nurmijärvi - HelsinkiThu, Fri,
16:1717:20490 Nurmijärvi - HelsinkiSun
16:3517:40487 Hyvinkää--Rajamäki--Klaukkala - HelsinkiThu, Fri
16:5218:00490 Nurmijärvi/Rajamäki - HelsinkiThu, Fri
17:1718:20490 Nurmijärvi - HelsinkiSat
18:5220:00490 Nurmijärvi - HelsinkiThu, Fri
22:4723:40490 Nurmijärvi - HelsinkiFri
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