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Q: Is this an event for all kinds of role-players or live action role-players only?

Solmukohta is a role-playing convention focusing on live action role-playing. Our program also offers other kinds of role-playing activities, such as freeform role-playing games and experimental tabletop role-playing.

Q: Who is Solmukohta 2012 for?

Solmukohta is meant for role-players, larpers, game designers, researchers, amateurs and professionals in the field. We have an age limit of 18; unfortunately we cannot make exceptions to this rule.

Q: Do I need to sign up beforehand?

Yes. You can sign up through these pages.

Q: How much does it cost?

The price for Solmukohta 2012 is 150 EUR including all meals, the Book and hotel rooms during the convention. A Week in Finland is also included in the price if you choose to come. 150 EUR is about 195 USD, 125 GBP, 1340 SEK, 1120 DKK and 1120 NOK. After March 15th, the registration cost will increase to €170.

Q: I live nearby, and the accommodation is so expensive? Can I only come for the daytime activity and sleep at home (or somebody else's bed)?

Due the huge demand, we have gotten a couple of “day passes” for people staying only by days. Those are how ever handed too on the registration order.

Q: I am a student/unemployed/other. Can I get a discount?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer discounts, except for volunteer workers. For more information, see below.

Q: Can I work in the event to get a discount?

This possibility is available, but only for Finnish speakers. As the hotel offers all cleaning and restaurant services, we only need people to work at the info desk, and the duties will require speaking at least a little Finnish with the hotel staff and third parties (cab services and such).

Q: Can I sign up in advance to specific program items?

Specific programs may or may not include a possibility to sign up in advance; information on this is included in the program description. You do not need to sign up for talks and presentations. Some of the AWiF games are likely to require signing up in advance.

Q: What if I need to cancel after paying?

If you find out that you are not able to participate and tell us before 16.03.2012, your attendance fee will be returned (minus transfer fees). After this deadline, we are unable to compensate the attendance fee.

Q: What is the hotel’s address?

Kotorannantie 49, 05250 Kiljava. The hotel is 46 km from Helsinki, 6 km outside the town of Nurmijärvi.

Q: I arrive to Finland too late for the busses, how do I get to the Solmukohta hotel?

I arrive to Finland too late for the busses, how do I get to the Solmukohta hotel? By far the easiest way to get to Solmukohta from the airport is to take a taxi directly to the hotel. That will cost around 50-70 euros. That can of course be shared if you can coordinate with others (use the forum for that). You can also take a bus from the Helsinki bus terminal, called Kamppi. Look for bus numbers 339, 490, 492, 495, 637. Those go around once per hour to the town of Nurmijärvi (costs 9,80 euros). From there you can take a taxi the last 6 km to the hotel. The number 490 has some departures that goes by Kiljava, so the extra taxi ride might be avoided. Bus schedule to Nurmijärvi (in Finnish).

Q: How do I best get to Helsinki from the airport?

The best way to get to Helsinki City Center from the airport is to take the Finnair bus. It goes every 20 minutes from just outside the airport. It cost 5 euros (cash) and has only two stops along the way. There are of course a lot of other busses going from the airport, but these are not as handy. Note that if you are staying for AWiF then it could be advantageous to by a week-ticket for the Helsinki public transport. The week-ticket can be bought at the airport, so the 5 euros for the Finnair bus can be saved.

Q: How to buy tourist tickets for public transport in Helsinki?

1. Find one of the boxes that sells tickets
2. Change language to English
3. Select day tickets
4. Select adult.
5. Choose how many days you want the ticket to be valid.
6. Pay. (and then you might have to activate the ticket - I didn't actually buy the ticket, so I don't know what the physical ticket looks like).

Q: I don’t have a country contact. Should I have one?

Only Sweden, Norway and Denmark have country contacts at this point. So no need to worry if you don’t have one. If there are more than five people coming from your country, it would be handy for you to pick a country contact among yourselves to handle your money transfers and to act as a contact person for information. You can contact us about it at

Q: Which languages can I use while writing to

English and Finnish are preferred. If you cannot write in either, we can answer mail written in some Scandinavian languages (not including Icelandic, unfortunately); however, answering may take a bit longer, and we cannot guarantee that we answer in the same Scandinavian language that you used.

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