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A Week in Finland - Official Program

AWiF is 8th to 12th of April – starting Easter Sunday and ending Thursday noon when the busses leave for Kiljavanranta, the Solmukohta venue.

From Monday to Wednesday we'll have "A Community House", daily hanging place where some of the events are also organized, at Theater Teatteri Naamio & Höyhen. It's open 12.00-18.00. Map will follow. "The railway station" means outside the Helsinki Central Station main doors, near the "palloukot" statues. Pictures & map will follow.


Party: Welcome to A Week in Finland 2012!

18.00 ->, at PRKL club, kaisaniemenkatu 4
Welcome to A Week in Finland! We begin the week with a party.


Excursion: Helsinki City Tour

12.00-14.00. Participants meet at the Community House Naamio & Höyhen.
Organizers: Tino Warinowski, Joonas Kirsi
A walk in the centre of Helsinki! All the best sites, juiciest anecdotes and hottest insider tips! The walk will take you to the historic empire style Helsinki and the surrounding areas, ending at the Central Railway Station. Come and hear why the Russian air marshall was not pleased.

Larp: Neonhämärä / Neon Twilight CANCELLED

Organizers: Nina Niskanen, Simo Järvelä
Neonhämärä has been unfortunately cancelled.

Larp/Excursion: The Elsewhere Experiment

13.30 ->, we meet at the theatre and travel together to the Performance Center.
Location: Performance Center (Esitystaiteen keskus), Suvilahti, Puhdistamo, Kaasutehtaankatu 1.
Organizers: Reality Reseach Center, Other Spaces
Amount of participants: from 4 to 10 players Sign up:
The Elsewhere Experiment (EE) is composed and conducted by members of Reality Research Center and Other Spaces, both renowned artist groups in the field of Finnish performative and interactive arts.
EE explores the possibilities of moving elsewhere... permanently: to another sense of yourself, to another sense of place and being. EE gives you game-like "mechanics" with which to initiate such a "shift", wherever you are, and guide that shift into different directions.
Ultimately, EE seeks to leave you with more than a momentary experience. It offers you permanent mechanics that can become part of your life: gameplay that you can integrate into yourself, your everyday personality.
Life is immersed in play, without limit -- thus, let us play with its mechanics.

Excursion: Kruunuvuori - exploring the area of abandoned villas

15.00-19.00, Meeting at the railway station at 15.00
Organizer: Maija Korhonen
The area of abandoned villas in Kruunuvuori is one of the most absurd and beautiful sights in Helsinki. The area was built at the end of the 19th century, but has now been abandoned for decades. Come and see how forests outgrow the songs of civilization! Wear good shoes, bring a packed lunch and possibly a camera.

Party: Barhopping tour

Monday, 17.30-22.00, we meet at the railway station
Organizers: Emi Maeda & the AWiF-crew
It’s time to explore the bars of Helsinki - More info will follow!


Excursion: Exhibition center Weegee and Marco Polo- the Man and the Myth tour

11.30-15.00. Espoo City Museum, Exhibition Center WeeGee, Ahertajantie 5, Tapiola, Espoo, We leave together at 11.30 from the railway station. The tour at WeeGee begins at 12.30 pm.
Free guided tour in Marco Polo- the Man and the Myth exhibition, tickets to other museums cost 8/10.
Organizer: Tiuku Talvela
Description: The WeeGee Exhibition Centre, a cornucopia of museums, exhibitions and events, includes five museums, a modern art gallery, a café and three museum shops. AWiF-guests are invited to explore the exhibition Marco Polo - the Man and the Myth with a museum guide, re-enactor and larper Tiuku Talvela. Guiding will take app. 1 hour and is free for you. If you want to visit in other museums in the Exhibition Center (which is highly recommended, they are great!) tickets cost 8/10 euros entrance fee. With the entrance ticket you're allowed to visit every museum in the huge WeeGee house.
You’ll need a region bus ticket (4,50e), because the museum is outside of Helsinki city area.

Museums of WeeGee (

Gaming: Finnish Tabletop Day

12.00-18.00, at the theater
Organizers: Eero Tuovinen, James Raggi IV, Olli Kantola, Sipi Myllynen
A motley collection of Finnish tabletop roleplayers comes in to entertain and amaze the grateful audience with genuine Finnish roleplaying culture. The event starts with a quick general introduction to the topic, after which the participants are sorted into play groups using an amusing algorithm. Everybody gets a chance to play some current Finnish roleplaying games. The selection of games will be affirmed on location, but involved are games such as Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Fables of Camelot, Stalker, Noitahovi, Zombie Cinema, Eclipse... all the best titles Finland has to offer!

Larp: Chase the Wolf Away

12.30-14.00, at meeting room “Cajsa” at the student house, Mannerheimintie 5b, 4th floor. Meeting at the theater at 12.30pm
Maximum amount of participants: 3 players (2 male, 1 female)
Sign up: During AWiF at the theater
Organizers: Dominika Kováčová
Description: The story of one Czechoslovak family living in the 1960s near the western border. The story of a mother and her two sons, one of whom escaped to America a few years ago. But Christmas is coming, and that's a time when all the family should be together...
The game is intended to be played in a serious manner.

Excursion & Workshop: Arduino workshop at Helsinki Hacklab

Meeting at the railway station 12.30, workshop at Hacklab from 13.00-16.30, Helsinki Hacklab, Nilsiänkatu 10-14 B, 2nd floor.
Maximum amount of participants: 10
Sign up:, see below
Organizers: Eero af Herlin
Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments. -- The workshop is a short introduction to the Arduino phenomenon, working in small groups we'll be getting hands on with simple electronics projects driven by Arduino and some more ambitious examples are also showcased. Helsinki Hacklab is a hackerspace, see for more information.
Please briefly answer the following questions so we can tailor the workshop for the audience:

  • Your electronics experience (zero is perfectly ok)
  • Your programming experience (zero is perfectly ok)
  • What cool thing would you like to make/build/create if you only knew how?

Remember to bring a laptop if you have one, if you can install the Arduino environment beforehand it will mean more time for the fun stuff at the workshop.

Larp: Unnamed Waltz CANCELLED
Organizers: Nino Hynninen, Konsta Nikkanen, Jukka Pajarinen, Roni Saari, Joonas Häll
The game has been unfortunately cancelled

Workshop: Medieval dagger combat

Meeting at the railway station 4.15pm. Workshop from 5pm to 7pm at Oulunkylän ala-aste, Otto Brandtin tie 13. We take a bus together from the Central Railway Station.
Organizers: Grieswartt, University Students' HEMA club.
In medieval and renaissance Europe most people used and carried personal edged weapons for everyday utility and self-defence. The latter use is well documented in martial literature from 14th to 16th century. In this two-hour session you'll learn some central aspects of dagger and knife combat, drawn from teachings of various 15th century masters such as Martin Huntfeltz, Andre Liegniczer and Hans Talhoffer. No prior background in combat sports required, just some clothing you don't mind sweating and getting stabbed in :)

Party: Sauna party

18.00-01.00, the rooftop sauna Sivistys, at Domus Gaudium, Leppäsuonkatu 11. We’ll meet beforehand at the theater at 17:45 and take bus to the Sauna. If you come on your own later, the sauna is within a walking distance from the railway station. There is a doorphone downstairs to the sauna, buzz it to get inside.
Organizer: Association Alter Ego
On Tuesday night it’s time for the Finnish Sauna at Sivistys. You’re welcome to enjoy the experience at it’s finest, on a rooftop overlooking the Hietaniemi graveyard.
We’ll also be serving some traditional finnish easter treats.
Bring your own towel and cash for drinks (or bring your own alcohol)! The sauna is unisex after nine, but before that we’ll have shifts for both men (19 - 20) and women (20 - 21).


Excursion: Suomenlinna sea fortress

10.30-14.00 at Suomenlinna
We’ll be taking a ferry to the fortress at 10:40 from Kauppatori, don’t be late! Cost: The Ferry costs 2,2€. If you have a valid bus ticket for Helsinki lines, the ferry fare is included in it!
Organizers: Joonas Katko (+35840-7163519)
A tour of the Suomenlinna sea fortress, a large naval fortress built about 250 years ago and situated just off the Helsinki coastline. The views from there are beautiful and as the ruins are all protected, they have been quite well preserved. Come and have a brief look at the Helsinki of a few hundred years ago.

Larp: Alice ad Infinitum

12.00-16.00, at the theatre.
Amount of participants: For 4 - 8 players
Sign up: During AWiF in the theatre
Organizers: Johanna MacDonald and Aarni Korpela
Alice ad infinitum is a larp still in development, based on a theatre piece of the same name done in 2007 at Teatteri Naamio ja Höyhen in Finland. Alice is about Alice in Wonderland, Mirrorland, Reality, and Infinite Space. It's about identity in context, insanity (in context), and reality... in context. As our Caterpillar, William S Burroughs, puts it, "Madness is confusion of levels of fact...Madness is not seeing visions but confusing levels." More info

Larp: The Desperate

13.00-17.00, Meeting room Cajsa in at the student house, Mannerheimintie 5b, 4th floor. We meet at the theatre at 12:30 and walk to the student house from there!
Maximum amount of participants: 20, Sign up: Sign up will happen during AWiF on paper
Organizer: Tonja Goldblatt (Game written by Lauri Lukka)
Description: The Desperate is a freeform role-playing game in two acts. The game is about the saddest club in town where a peculiar lot of people come to seek solace from music, dancing and intimacy. Despite the gloomy setting the game is rather energetic and positive club experience. This does not mean, however, that the game is superficial. The characters can be played as traumatized individuals externalising their pain reflecting the alienation and loneliness of modern society. Alternatively, you can just hop on the party wagon and enjoy the ride of flirting, dancing and drama. Read more.

Excursion: The Military Musem

15.00-17.00, Liisankatu 1, we’ll leave from Kauppatori, Cost 5/3 €
Organizers: Joonas Katko (+35840-7163519)
The Military Museum is holding a substantial exhibition about the Winter War (during World War II). The exhibition tells the story of the 105-day war from the Finnish and Russian perspective.

Larp: The Tribunal

16.00-18.00, The theater Naamio & Höyhen
Maximum amount of participants: 12
Sign up: During AWiF in the theatre
Organizers: Suvi Korhonen, Santeri Virtanen, the game is written by J. Tuomas Harviainen.
A group of soldiers, in a totalitarian country, waiting for their turns to testify before an unjust military tribunal. A discourse-oriented mini-larp for 6-12 players, run before in Norway, Finland, Belarus, Denmark, Poland and Palestine. Winner of the Larpwriter Challenge in 2010.

Party: The Solmukohta book release party & Nordic Larp Talks

18.00-01.00, at PRKL club, Kaisaniemenkatu 4.
This year’s Solmubook, States of Play is edited by Juhana Pettersson and published by Pohjoismaisen Roolipelaamisen seura. Come and meet the contributors! Doors will open at 18:00, book release party at 19:00 and Nordic Larp Talks at 20:00
Nordic Larp Talks is a series of short, entertaining, thought-provoking and mind-boggling lectures about projects and ideas from the Nordic tradition of live action roleplaying games. Hosted by Johanna Koljonen.

The Nordic Larp Talks will also be livestreamed at on the following times:

Live stream
Finland: 8pm (EEST)
Norway/Denmark/Sweden/Germany/France: 7pm (CEST)
UK London: 6pm (BST)
USA New York: 1pm (EDT)
USA Los Angeles: 10am (PDT)

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