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Alice ad Infinitum

You are Alice. You were Alice. You're a creature, or a citizen, or a reflection of Wonderland. All of these statements are both true and false. You are Schrödinger's Cheshire Cat. You will begin in Wonderland, and journey through Mirrorland and Reality.

In Alice, we work with character-developing methods that are similar to ones used when developing the theatre piece. As such, participants will likely encounter a way of character creation that is entirely new to them. The style of play is a bit tricky to explain, since it's immersive in the sense that there is never an "off" game, but interrupted in the sense that sometimes you are actively playing, and sometimes you are watching, or passively playing. All levels of play and non-play are considered as play. (Yes, we know. Welcome to Wonderland.)

Participants are not expected (or even encouraged!) to read Alice in Wonderland beforehand, but to be prepared to remember what they remember from their encounters of it and its characters, no matter how fleeting. If players wish to prepare, the best thing would be to make a mental list of famous scientists, artists, and other mad persons.

Solmukohta 2012 |