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A Week in Finland

Solmukohta 24/7 info-number: +358 400 567 175 (also during AWiF)

A Week in Finland (AWiF) is a five day long event just before Solmukohta. We invite all the participants of Solmukohta to hake a closer look at what larp in Finland is. During those days participants of AWiF get a chance to explore Finland and its larpers. Each day there will be larps, social events such as parties, cultural activities and exploring in Helsinki.

AWiF is 8th to 12th of April – starting Easter Sunday and ending Thursday noon when the busses leave for Kiljavanranta, the Solmukohta venue.

For those having a longer visit to investigate Nordic roleplaying, The Danish convention, Fastaval is just before AWiF, 4th to 8th of April. Fastaval is mostly for table top roleplaying and free form roleplaying and Solmukohta is mostly about live-action rolepalying.

These dates of Solmukohta are planned so that people who want to see as much of Nordic Roleplaying as possible, can participate in both Solmukohta and Fastaval in one trip. Unfortunately The Solmukohta team does not have the resources to organize transport between Fastaval and Solmukohta. Contact for Fastaval – Solmukohta travel advice.


Participation to AWiF is free. Some program items might have a small participation fee though. For example: on museumtrips you have to pay the ticket yourself.


AWiF participants will mostly stay at the couches and mattresses of Finnish larpers and in a common sleeping hall, which is a place 20 min away from Helsinki city center with good bus connections. There are beds in one big hall. Showers and toilets are of course also there. Note: no program items will happen in this location. Either way, you probably need to bring your own sleeping bags. No food is included. Those prefering own privacy and luxury, can of course book a hotel room in Helsinki for AWiF. The cheapest hotels are the staffless Omena hotels at the city central – but of course there're other options as well. Please note that the Solmukohta conference hotel is not near enough to Helsinki to be a reasonable alternative.


While signing up to Solmukohta, you can also sign up to AWiF and tell if you need lodging. If you for some reason want to participate only AWiF-events, not Solmukohta, that's fine. Unfortunately we can only manage accommodation for those participating Solmukohta also.


The program will be organized within the Helsinki metropolitan area. Program items include: Larps, urban exploring, traditional Finnish Easter dishes (be aware!), excursions on interesting places and night parties, with and without sauna. A detailed program of AWiF will be published on shortly before the event.


Something you want to organize? Or see? Or something you want to visit yourself during AWiF, and might need some help to know how to get there? All questions and ideas are welcome on

For the AWiF program we are looking for short and compact games that might be organized in a class room in a two hour timeslot.

AWiF is also a good opportunity for games that need more time, space or other, than is suitable for the Solmukohta venue.

See you in Helsinki at Easter.

Community House

From Monday to Wednesday we'll have A Community House, daily hanging place where some of the events are also organized, at Theater Teatteri Naamio & Höyhen. Address is Korkeavuorenkatu 17 and It's open 12.00-18.00, just for us.

There is space to hang around, WiFi, a kitchen with a microwave oven, coffee maker and fridge and a shower. Some program will take place in the stage area. There'll always be someone from the theatre to help you if needed, and you can leave your stuff there if you need someone to watch it.

How to get there: From the center you can either take the number 10 tram towards Kirurgi or walk for about ten minutes. Get off the tram at the big red brick church, the stop (and the church) is called Johanneksenkirkko. Korkeavuorenkatu is the street that the tram continues along, by the church. Number 17 is in between a dress atelier and a pizza place on the left side of the street.

There's a Week in Finland poster by the gateway. Enter the gateway and the theatre door is on your left (don't go all the way into the inner court, the door is in the tunnel itself).

Common Sleeping Hall

Common sleeping hall is at Espoo, address is Otakaari 20. The bus 102 leaves from Kamppi bus station, Helsinki, from platform 41. The end stop of the bus route is near the Sleeping hall.

Info phone

Solmukohta info phone is also working as A Week in Finland info phone. If you get lost or have something to ask, just call us at +358 400 567 175

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